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Lyn Harral
ABMR Webmaster

Saturday, July 19, 2014 – Elsa is a 1 year old female Belgian Malinois, currently in the Woodstock GA area, headed to her foster home with Charlotte Blake in Thompson’s Station, TN.

elsa 2

bridget and pup pup

Transport came together quickly thanks to drivers Bridget and Michael Russell, Linda Allen and Scott McCormack, and Charlotte Blake. Late in the week we were contacted by another rescue regarding a 10 week old Border Collie named “Pup-Pup” who was headed in the opposite direction, Nashville to Atlanta, to his foster home. Linda and the Russell’s graciously offered to transport Pup-Pup southbound as they were also bringing Elsa northbound. It’s rare but such a wonderful thing when drivers can run dogs both coming and going. Thank you to Candy Swan and Suzianne Painter-Thorne, and Suzianne’s husband Nate, for driving this little guy.

bc puppy

elsa with charlotte

All are safely to their destinations and settling in – a huge thank you goes out to ABMR Coordinator Janet McSwain, short-term foster Cassandra Bicket, foster Charlotte Blake and drivers Linda and Scott, and Bridget and Michael – excellent job everyone!!! We heard excellent things about Elsa today and expect to see her on the website available for adoption soon.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, July 12, 2014 – Belgian (yes, that was his name, now renamed Punch) is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois who was temporarily staying with Jan Flanagan at Tailshakers in Frankfort IL. Jan is a wonderful asset to Malinois Rescue and handles numerous dogs on both a temporary and foster through to adoption basis.

belgian 2

Jared and Linda Redfield of Steven’s Point WI have offered to foster Belgian thru to adoption, so transport was very quickly arranged to get him north.

sandy and belgian

Thank you to ABMR Coordinator Mike Pechnyo, Jan Flanagan and the staff at Tailshakers, drivers Nikki Williams, Sharon Roundy, Sandy Shephard, Don and Norma Johnson and to the Redfield’s for fostering Belgian. They would be lost without the coordinators, fosters and transporters who work daily to get them into appropriate homes and safe environments. You are all angels…..

He is fitting in very well in the Redfield household, gets along beautifully with the resident dogs and is a loving soul. Soon to be on the website for adoption – watch for this boy, he is a definite keeper!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, July 6, 2014 – Ben is a large, young male Malinois, who is headed from short term foster care in Texas to the Coordinator in Missouri. His foster mom is traveling and Ben accompanies her to the St. Louis area where he then catches a ride the rest of the way to Coordinator Taylor Haywood.

Ben Recall

Thank you so much to Penny Winegartner for fostering and transporting this handsome guy, to drivers Carol Dixon and Parmelee Fehnel who helped him the last hundred or so miles to Taylor.

He is doing well and should be up on the website for adoption soon! Thank you for making this trip possible for Ben. We wish him a future filled with love and miracles. Transporters are the BEST!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 – Kira is a 1+ year old female Malinois who was found as a stray on 6/16/2014 and taken to Miami-Dade Shelter, so we don’t know much about her. She is a quiet, sweet girl. She was pulled out of MDAS by Kay Wright and transported up to meet Bob and Eileen Burnell who were Kira’s temporary fosters while transport was being arranged up to her foster home with the Russell’s in Woodstock GA.

kira in beckie crate

Kira’s medical status was brought up to date and she was spayed on the 22nd but cleared to transport on the 28th. She was in some discomfort and recovering from a bout of kennel cough, so was very quiet on the trip. While with the Burnell’s she was tested with other dogs and small children and did very well.

kira and sara G

A huge thank you to drivers Kay Wright, Bob and Eileen Burnell, Sara Gagliardi, Sara Flynn-Kramer, Erica Feuerbacher, Coral Ohl Wages, Lori Ugolik, Bridget and Michael Russell. You make it all possible – thank you for all that you do for our rescued Malinois! It was a long trip and the weather was very hot, but Kira is settling in well with the Russell’s.

coral and kira

It’s a good thing Kira! Enjoy, recover and let’s find that perfect home!!!

beckie and kira

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday and Saturday, May 16-17, 2014 – Roxy and Nikki have been in boarding way too long in Texas, just north of Houston. Foster homes are waiting in Missouri but this is a difficult run to fill – so a rather unusual transport is put together to make this happen.


We have 3 drivers who really put themselves out there to make it happen for the girls this time. Aubrey Kotlarich picked Nikki and Roxy up on Friday morning and after a stop at the vet for updated vaccinations she headed north (260 miles), to meet up with Cindy Vranessa in Denton. Cindy then made a late night run up to Norman OK (170 miles) to meet ABMR State Coordinator Taylor Haywood, who then drove straight thru to arrive back to Missouri (450 miles) on Saturday morning. AMAZING to say the least!

I’m sure Nikki and Roxy had no idea what efforts were being put forth to get them safely to their foster homes. They were good girls on the trip and I am sure we will see them posted on the website shortly.


I believe we all jumped up and down when we received that email from Taylor on Saturday morning saying they were home and the girls were settling in. Incredible job everyone… it took a heroic effort to move things forward for the girls, but now they have the chance they need to be evaluated and begin the search to find their forever homes.

Outstanding, just outstanding!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday, May 16, 2014 – Gemma is a 1-1/2 +/- year old female pulled from a shelter in the Columbus OH area. She is headed to her foster home in Hudson with Carol and Ed Frederick.


A transport was quickly put together as both short-term foster and long-term foster home were scheduled to be out of town. A HUGE thank you to Tina Roudebush who offered to pick up Gemma on Friday night and keep her through the weekend – wow! a little one-on-one time for Gemma!!! Thank you so much Tina.


I’m sure Gemma will be up on the website soon! Keep watching…

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, May 17, 2014 – Wall-e has found his forever home!!! Just a short trip and he will be there. Our thanks to ABMR Coordinator Carol Aulick and drivers Jamie Thompson, David Hewitt and Patti Mager for making this transport happen so fast. We could never do it without you!!

Wall-e 1

Wall-e 3

Patti – we wish you and Wall-e many, many years of adventures and happy memories!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Ha Nis Krah (American Indian name) was brought into the Humane Society in Colorado Springs after the death of his owner. He is a 7 year old male Malinois and Julie Price in Rifle CO has offered to foster him.

side profile

A huge thank you to Erica Dalton at the HS for contacting our coordinator, Carol Aulick, seeking assistance in placement; to drivers Ashley Larson, Donna Patrick and Julie Price for getting him to Rifle; and to Julie for opening her heart and home to foster this guy. We look forward to hearing all about his adventures and seeing him posted on the web site for adoption.


With the help of these volunteers, Ha Nis Krah is safe and happy and beginning the search for his perfect forever home. Thank you all so much for giving of your time to help Ha Nis Krah on his journey. You too can make a difference…. please volunteer to drive a leg of transport the next time you see us posting through your area.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 25, 26 and 27 – Paul has been waiting patiently. He was pulled 3 months ago from Miami Dade and has been at the Dog House in Pompano Beach, waiting while we find him a foster home that can take him through HW treatment. Paul is only around 4 years old but he is HW+ and that has to be taken care of before we can find a forever home for him.

beckie paul and teia

Finally! Carol and Ed Frederick in the Cleveland OH area have offered to foster Paul and take him through treatment. Now we just need to get him there.

We start posting for a standard transport, and quickly are contacted by Sharon Webb out of the Atlanta GA area. She is headed to Huron OH – a mere 70 miles from his foster home. She can give Paul a ride from Atlanta to Huron if we can get him to her by Saturday evening.

paul and lauren castillo

We start posting for Pompano Beach to Alpharetta and receive another amazing offer – Terry Seiss is headed to the Ocala area on that Friday and can bring Paul north with her, overnight and transport can pick up Saturday morning.

With that we began searching for our drivers, Altoona FL to Alpharetta GA, on Saturday. It was touch and go for awhile and I had no idea if we were going to fill by Thursday, which we needed to do before Paul could leave with Terry on Friday – but everyone began to spread the word and contact everyone they knew along the route and a wonderful thing happened – we found all our drivers by Thursday!!!

lenny and mary kihn

Terry pulled Paul on Friday and traveled up to Altoona FL where he overnighted and mingled with the campers, being quite the social boy. On Saturday morning, bright and early, driver Kate Wells picked him up and headed to Ocala to meet transport.

While we were posting for drivers we became aware of a chihuahua who was headed from Tampa to St. Louis. He too had a ride out of Atlanta to St. Louis if he could get there by Saturday evening. So Mary Kihn drove Lenny to Ocala where he joined Paul and they headed north with drivers Judy Geroni, Lauren Castillo, Beckie Haughton, Teia Trepanier, David and Jenni Anderson and Rebecca Brockman. Lenny met his overnight foster, Phyllis Colmar, in Atlanta and then headed on to St. Louis on Sunday.

david jenni paul

Paul overnighted with Sharon Webb and departed for the north bright and early on Sunday morning. It was a long trip but Paul was met in Mansfield OH by Carol and Ed Frederick, his new foster family.

Thank you to all the drivers who made this trip possible for both Paul and Lenny. There was excellent teamwork and communication – care and concern for Paul and Lenny – and you ran right on time!!! Thank you all so very very much!

Paul was an absolute joy on this run and many described him as a “gentleman” and a “leaner”. I’m sure once he settles in the Malinois mischief will come out, but he was such a good boy on transport. Once Lenny relaxed at his overnight he did very well and we saw pictures of him enjoying a little freedom before he headed to St. Louis on Sunday with another long day of driving.

Sharon – what can we say about Sharon except she is always on the road and always takes a rescue with her if there is anyone in need of a ride. I know taking Paul put you behind schedule but I also know you would do it again for any rescue headed in the same direction you are.

paul and becky

***Next time you are planning a trip, please consider giving a rescue dog a ride. They really don’t take up that much space, are excellent company and you would be making a huge difference in that dog’s life. All you need to do is let me know your departure date and time and your destination. I keep a calendar of all offers just in case a dog is in need along your route. It’s a great feeling to make such a huge difference in the life of a Malinois!***

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Paul!! If anyone is looking for that perfect Malinois – you might want to watch for this one in the near future to show up on the website. I hear he is a pretty great dog!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday, April 18, 2014 – Asha is a 4 year old spayed Malinois female who suffers from a sialocele, a hole in her neck where her saliva would puddle, and a heart condition. She is currently in the Louisiana area and headed to her foster home in Pennsylvania.

asha with kim on transport

Our first attempt at transport fails, but we have a quick offer of transport north and a new plan is quickly put in place. In the middle of major severe weather, all the way from Louisiana to Georgia, Asha leaves early Sunday morning, 4/13, headed north, rain and storms and lightening all around.

asha riding in back cropped

Needless to say this was not a good trip and Asha struggled with the weather, transport and stress. Thanks to the incredible tenacity of drivers Linda Cochran and Kim Newman, Asha makes it to the Atlanta area where she spends a week with Kim, but not before being forced off the road and into a hotel on Sunday evening by numerous tornadoes threatening the area.

asha taking nap on transport

Asha spent the week with Kim in the Atlanta area, making some vet visits and de-stressing and putting on a few pounds. Transport is arranged north, to her foster home, and transport today is much much better than a week ago. She is riding much more comfortably and while still has little episodes of barking, she made best friends with a huge knuckle bone and that pretty much kept her busy throughout her trip, except for those wonderful moments of cuddling in the back seat.

asha enjoying bone on transport

Standing ovation is due drivers Linda Cochran and Kim Newman who faced mother nature and still got Asha where she needed to be. Incredible job ladies!!!

asha and her new buds

And a huge round of applause for Friday drivers Kim Newman, Kim Futch, Roger and Eve Jordan, Gwen Mongeli with Janet and Denny Sheaffer, and Beth and Jerry Frear. Beth and Jerry will be fostering Asha (now Sasha) and taking her through medical evaluation. As you can see, she has already settled in with her new playmates. She is doing very well.

Jerry/Beth – we hope to see many updates on Sasha on FB! We hear she is such a love…. we wish her all the best and are so happy she is in your capable hands!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - Tazz came into rescue after having survived an F5 tornado event. He is a 2-1/2 year old male, a wonderful goofy boy. As chance would have it, we had to cancel transport to his long-term foster home in the north when we could not fill the run. However, on that very day, a wonderful application was filed for Tazz, a family in Florida, and it turned out to be the perfect home for Tazz.

tazz last picture with foster family

Transport quickly filled for the following weekend and armed with his “stress” ball and a happy send-off, Tazz headed to Pensacola FL where he would meet John and Cody LaBonte, who were driving all the way up from St. Petersburg FL to meet him.

tazz and barbara

A huge thank you to all the “angels” who touched Tazz on his journey to his forever home – to ABMR Coordinator Debra Reid who brought Tazz into rescue and fostered him until long-term foster could be found. To transport monitor Carol Aulick. To drivers Karen O’Brien, Barbara Pretzsch and Suzanne Rivers, and to driver John LaBonte and the LaBonte family for giving him the perfect home.

tazz with family in milton

Tazz fit right into the LaBonte home and as you can see from the pictures, is truly enjoying his own back yard and playmate. Where he would have ended up without all those wonderful people who helped him on his journey – nobody knows – but because they cared enough to help Tazz, because they took the time out of their busy lives, because they made room for one more… Tazz is home!


If you can foster, drive, identify, evaluate, do home visits, donate funds or help in any way – please seize the opportunity and help save a life!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sheba is a 4 year old female who came into rescue after being seen on a Craigslist posting. The poster was asking a rehome fee of $100. Volunteer Angela Maddux contacted the seller and a FB friend offered to pay the $100. When Angela went to pick up Sheba the owner declined the fee and simply stated “just make sure you find her a good home”.

leaving ga

Angela fostered Sheba and that perfect home quickly appeared. It just so happened that quite recently another of Angela’s fosters, a GSD with another rescue, had gone to a home in WV and a neighbor of that adoptive home heard about Sheba and applied for her. It was a perfect fit. The home visit was done and transport was worked out, following the same route and with some of the same drivers that Angela’s GSD foster had followed a few weeks before.

rock hill handover mary

Our thanks to all the people involved in bringing this wonderful girl into rescue and getting her to her forever home – Angela Maddux, ABMR State Coordinator Janet McSwain, Cheryl (who offered to cover the fee had it been necessary and without whose offer things could have turned out very differently for Sheba) and drivers Angela Maddux, LisaMarie Fillipazzo, Janet McSwain, CeeCee Sheppard, Mary Boltz, Christine Sigmon, Lea Dwyer, Russell Shrewsbury, Debbie Jarvis, Ila Kerns and adoptive mom Linda Robinson.

are you my mom

You just never know the road you will follow, but everything fell into place for Sheba and she is such a lucky girl. We look forward to hearing about all her adventures, all because of some very wonderful people who didn’t walk away.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, March 15, 2014 – Roscoe is a 12+ month old male Malinois who came into Rescue in Florida in 2013. He was very ill when brought into rescue but under the watchful eye of Foster Mom Terry Siess he recovered and in December of 2013 made the trip to his long-term foster home in Indiana with Julie Codding and family. There he blossomed into a wonderful young male, gaining weight and confidence. The videos that Julie posted to FB showed a happy youngster who was discovering the joys of life with a family, toys and 4-legged playmates.

handsome roscoe

julie and roscoe one last hug

Effi Kapoulis and Larry MacLean, who had previously adopted from ABMCR, became aware of him and contacted Julie with questions about Roscoe, and that wonderful match was made.

roscoe in gaston

Today Roscoe is headed from Indiana to Detroit where he will cross the border to meet his forever family. Life could have been so very different for Roscoe – but because of the dedication of his foster families, ABMR Coordinator Sara Flynn Kramer, and the wonderful drivers who helped Roscoe on his journey today… Pam Tracy, Kristine Krummen and Lois Taylor… he is one very happy pup with his very own family. These pictures were possible because Terri, Julie, Pam, Kristine and Lois gave of their time and resources to help this boy reach his new life. Special thanks to Lois who transported Roscoe through customs at the Canadian Border. You are all such amazing, caring people, and so so very necessary in the world of rescue. THANK YOU!!!


Larry, Effi, Yukon and Roscoe – wishing you many, many years of incredible adventures to share.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Jessie is a beautiful 2 year old female who was originally brought into ABMR when found to be wandering the streets of Miami. She is a fun loving, happy girl and today her she made the ride to her forever home. Back at the beginning of January she was transported to Missouri, to her foster home with Tina Skiver and the search for the perfect home for her began. That perfect home turned out to be with Suze Frentz and her family in South Dakota.

jessie w lea and brian

jessie lea and brian standing

Jessie loves riding in the car and she certainly seems to have enjoyed her trip north. After posting for drivers, we received a wonderful offer from Lea and Brian McCandless to transport Jessie from Kansas City all the way to Sioux City Iowa to meet her family – how wonderful for Jessie to get practically a straight-thru ride.

All of our heartfelt thanks to foster Tina Skiver, ABMR State Coordinator and driver Taylor Haywood who transported from Osage Beach to Kansas City, to Lea and Brian McCandless who took on that 225 mile leg, and to driver and new forever home Suze Frentz and family.

jessie new fam better

Best wishes for a very wonderful life Jessie!! You’ve earned it!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

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