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Saturday and Sunday, Feb 25th and 26th – Bixi has been in foster care in Alabama and is now headed to her foster/possible adopt home in Kansas. This was an extremely long transport and ABMR would like to thank everyone who worked so diligently and professionally to get this girl home. Thank you to foster Connie Penn, Coordinator CJ Landry, drivers Jim Hayward, Andrea Ross, Linda Allen, Sarah Karafa, Gary Hettler, Debra Newbolds, Mary Brady, Shelby Vohsen, Stacey Caraway and new Dad Nick Bylsma. A very special thanks to Shelby who drove 2 Malinois eastbound into St. Louis earlier on Saturday and waited 8+ hours to meet up with Bixi coming into St. Louis and then return to Columbia. This was an excellent transport with great communication and superb handling for Ms Bixi, who began the journey very stressed but relaxed more and more as the day continued, although she rode most of the way standing up, looking out the window. We wish her wonderful adventures!!! Thank you!

bixi linda sarah

bixi sarah linda

jim bixi departing ozark

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 – Today Titan made the trip from intake in Ohio to his new home in Minnesota. A BIG ABMR Thank You to Matthew Bohn for getting Titan to safety, vetted, short-term foster and on the road for the first leg this morning. Thank you to drivers Susan Walker and Jack Beckwith, and to Titan’s new dad, Jim Johnson. Titan has his own FB page and many more pictures are posted here. Welcome home Titan – we are so very happy for you!!

jim and titan

titan and jack

titan and stevie