April 16 and 17, 2016 – Sandee is headed from intake in southern Florida, to her foster home in Pennsylvania. Earlier in the week she was transported from southern Florida up to Kingsland GA to be in a better position for the ride north and so it could be accomplished in 2 days. A big thank you to Coordinators Angela Maddux and Cindy Richard, and huge thanks to Kelli Cristin Gavaghan who drove Sandee a whopping 265 miles from Jupiter to Jacksonville. Sandee is a 6 year old spayed female who obviously loves car rides and people.

sandee transport 5 - Copy

sandee transport 6 - Copy

sandee transport 7 - Copy

Heartfelt thanks go out to Coordinators and drivers Cindy Richard and Angela Maddux, drivers Cheryl Nelson, Becky Baker and Debbie Keebler, Sue and Dennis Card, Russ Raniszewski, Barbara Bozeman, Hazel and Gerry Michael, Susan and Jim Hynes, Claibourne Jackson, Sharon Mangus, Jennifer Loach who overnighted on Saturday and drove to PA on Sunday to meet foster family Kim and Curt Zellers. I think Sandee also had another driver coming up from Florida to GA and will add that name in the future. We had some new drivers on this run (welcome!), some drivers who have been transporting for years, and some who drove the weekend before. An absolutely marvelous group of volunteers who handled Sandee with affection, care and experience. AWESOME TEAM!

sandee transport 4 overnight chillin

sandee transport 2 - Copy

sandee transport 1 - Copy

sandee transport 3 and the frog - Copy

As you can see from the pictures, Sandee enjoyed herself immensely. She is now home with her foster family and should be up for adoption soon.
Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator