Friday, July 10, 2015 – Kane is a large 7 month old male Malinois who was picked up as a stray and landed in the Hendersonville shelter. He is big and goofy and all puppy. New foster Annette Bowman has offered to foster Kane, but due to over-crowding at the shelter, Kane needs to be out as soon as possible and on his way to Georgia.

kane and jan banks

kane and driver

Kane and Morgan Wood on transport

Kane and Chris Wood on transport

Kane gazing out the window

kane and stephanie at handoff

So the call went out on Thursday for Friday transport and while hitting Atlanta at rush hour on Friday evening is the worst of the worst possible, transport filled.

Our unending admiration and thanks go out to Jan Banks, Chris and Morgan Wood and friend Matthew, Stephanie Lewis and Annette Bowman. Heaven knows how much time they spent sitting in traffic, but they made it and as you can see… they did it with smiles!
Watch for Kane to be posted for adoption on the website shortly – he is a lucky boy and on his way to many adventures thanks to the dedication of our volunteers!
Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator