ABMR 2015 Transports

I’m sure you have all noticed the lack of updates on transports since July. I have various excuses but wanted to be sure that we recognized the amazing transport teams who have been moving Malinois across the country since August. Obviously there are many, many small transports done every week from shelters to local foster homes, fosters who are meeting adoptive homes, etc, but below is a recap of those organized transports we have had to date since August. Thank you – everyone – for all you have done to get these precious pups from shelters to foster homes and from foster to forever homes. You made miracles happen! Thank you for all your help in 2015 and wishing you the best in 2016!! Hoping to see you on many more transports. Thank you and Happy New Year! Lin, Jen and Kitty

Kane – Carleton MI to Oklahoma City OK – Sat/Sun December 26 & 27 – 1001 miles – Drivers: Katrina Giznsky, Marva Griffin, Sue Walker, Greg Skidmore, Denise Burris, Virginia Lee Hunter, Angela Chamberlain, Cissy Ashlock, Mary Ann Brown, Tonya Wilson, Cindy Rutledge, Stevie Easter.

Aspen – Georgetown KY to Aurora CO December 19, 2015 – 1178 miles – Drivers: Meagan Ference, Mindi Patterson, Vicki Cruz, Sue Falkenheim, Lisa Scott Rhodes & Steve Milligan, Barb Clauson, Brian Smith, Rita Mann.

Zevah – Kingsland GA to St Hedwig TX – December 19, 2015 – 1092 miles. Drivers: Karie Butterfield, Deb and Doug Brown, Nancy Goyert, Susan Goodhope, Lyndie Woodard, John Cox, Crystal Gaugler, Karen O’Brien, Lori Covington, Ashleigh and Jeff Zelenak.

Ollie – Melbourne FL to Belleville MI – December 18, 2015 – 1183 miles. Drivers: Greg and Lana Darby, Angela Maddux, Lynsi Rathbun, Sue and Dennis Card, Asia Zierle-Ghosh.

Isolde – Jacksonville NC to Blythewood SC – December 17, 2015 – 264 miles. Drivers: Christina Hochschild, David Jones, Paul and Sabrena Burnett Atencio.

Onyx – Kansas City MO to Loveland CO – December 9th, 2015 – 643 miles. Drivers: Taylor Haywood, Alice Taylor and Pilots’n Paws pilot Tony Robbins.

Chip, Murphy, Pepper, Piper and Onyx – Houston TX to Kansas City MO – December 6, 2015 – 737 miles. Drivers: Linda Cole, Mira Pistillo, Taylor Haywood and short-term hold by Geneva Seiffert Fain.

Britta – Kingsport TN to Pelahatchie LA – December 5th, 2015 – 575 miles. Drivers: Stephanie Simpson, Dianna Thompson, Robin Campbell, Melissa Graham, Susan Wilkinson, John and Martha Melton, Brandy Whiddon.

Calhoun – Bondurant IA to High View WV – November 28, 2015 – 1009 miles. Drivers: Deena Pries, Lin Karrels, Sue Spinhirne, Steve Plant, Pamela Tucker-Painter.

Sam – Brick NJ to Amherst NY – November 21, 2015 – 430 miles. Drivers: Megan D’Angelo, Jodi Brewer, Tamara Roberson, Mike Zekas.

Sky – Gaffney SC to Daphne AL – November 21, 2015 – 526 miles. Drivers: Ellen Pauly, Jennifer Rush, Chris and Morgan Wood, Sandi and Peter Mahncke, David Anderson, Grady Horner, Hillary Sansone.

Lydia – NY to MA – November 14, 2015 – 206 miles. Drivers: Tamara Roberson, Susan Herskowitz, Ann Roche.

Lazer – Lauderhill FL to Port Saint John FL – November 11, 2015 – 179 miles. Drivers: Cindy Richard, Greg Becker, Amelia Hitchcock.

Star – South Bend IN to Tipp City OH – October 31, 2015 – 250 miles. Drivers: Kathy Miko, Alice Taylor, Donna Ruff, Emily Browning.

Rebel – O’Brien FL to Orlando FL – October 24, 2015 – 160 miles. Drivers: Wendy Hines, Pat Schlenker, Matt Larson, Sara Flynn-Kramer.

Hazel – Pine Bluff AR to San Antonio TX – October 21, 2015 – 614 miles. Drivers: John Segars, Tracey Dies and Val.

Buck – O’Brien FL to Kingsland GA – October 15, 2015 – 136 miles. Drivers: Wendy Hines, Mary and John Buckley, Angela Maddux.

Hillary – Walterboro SC to Kingsland GA – September 25, 2015 – 139 miles. Drivers: Janet McSwain, Becky Baker and Debbie Keebler, Angela Maddux.

Captain – Hudson OH to South Bend IN – September 20, 2015 – 269 miles. Drivers: Ed Frederick, Carrie Morrow, Nancy Willoughby, Nikki Williams, Lisa Doan.

Huey, Louie and Dewey – Hephzibah GA to Maryland – August 16, 2015 – 614 miles. Drivers: Denise, Pat Dukes, Maury Mills, Reagan Wilson, Emily and Kyle Davidson, Tamra Hassett, Kelly King, Mary Snyder.

Sync – Kansas City MO to Loveland CO – August 16, 2015 – 643 miles. Drivers: Jen Pursley, Sandi Plotner, Steve Pastecki.

Rocky – Spring TX to Morgantown WV – July 11, 2015 – 1348 miles. Drivers: Mira and Tom Pistillo, Dee Breedlove, Donna Layman, Leah Warner, John Segars, Laura Gray, Carolina and Stephen Utley, Susan Quick.

Friday, July 10, 2015 – Kane is a large 7 month old male Malinois who was picked up as a stray and landed in the Hendersonville shelter. He is big and goofy and all puppy. New foster Annette Bowman has offered to foster Kane, but due to over-crowding at the shelter, Kane needs to be out as soon as possible and on his way to Georgia.

kane and jan banks

kane and driver

Kane and Morgan Wood on transport

Kane and Chris Wood on transport

Kane gazing out the window

kane and stephanie at handoff

So the call went out on Thursday for Friday transport and while hitting Atlanta at rush hour on Friday evening is the worst of the worst possible, transport filled.

Our unending admiration and thanks go out to Jan Banks, Chris and Morgan Wood and friend Matthew, Stephanie Lewis and Annette Bowman. Heaven knows how much time they spent sitting in traffic, but they made it and as you can see… they did it with smiles!
Watch for Kane to be posted for adoption on the website shortly – he is a lucky boy and on his way to many adventures thanks to the dedication of our volunteers!
Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, July 5, 2015 – Osha is a 6 year old female Malinois. She had spent her entire life with a single family, but, due to life changes, they no longer had time for Osha and she came into rescue. She now has a new family with lots of time to devote to her.

Osha Sheila and Ellen P
sitting pretty on transport

Osha nikki and travel mates

osha and the men in her life

osha ned and brenda parks and nikki

Osha was fostered by Sara Croft and has been adopted by Ned and Brenda Parks in Ohio. Osha had a wonderful trip north to meet her new family – our thanks and much appreciation to drivers Sara Croft, Ellen Pauly, Sheila Cindric who took a double leg, Nicki Puckett and friends, and Ned and Brenda Parks.

She is doing well and enjoying her new family. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who touched her life and made this transition possible for her.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, July 4th through Monday, July 6th, 2015 – Britta is a 4+/- year old female Malinois who was found as a stray in the Thomasville GA area. After the hold period was over, she came into rescue and needed a ride to her foster home in Kingsport TN with Stephanie Simpson.

britta watching out window

britta on next leg tara or pam

Transport was put together to move her on Saturday, the 4th, up to Cumming GA where she would spend a few days until departure with Dianna Thompson on Monday as she was headed back home to TN after a visit in Atlanta.

On transport Britta was shy and nervous, obviously confused and frightened. I don’t think she took a potty break the whole way and at times needed to be carried from vehicle to vehicle. She was safely delivered to her overnight in Cumming on Saturday. On Sunday late afternoon the decision was made for Chris to pick-up Britta and hold her overnight on Sunday evening for transport on Monday morning.

Monday’s transport went well and Britta arrived to Tennessee where her foster mom, Stephanie Simpson, met her and returned to Kingston.

We have a lot of thanks to put out there on this transport, not the least to our exceptional drivers who really worked with Britta to make this trip safe and comfortable for her – thank you to drivers John Hostetler, Tara Weinreich, Pam Campbell, Chris and Morgan Wood, Dianna Thompson and Stephanie Simpson. Thank you to Sue Benkiser for providing overnight accommodations for Britta while waiting for her ride to depart Atlanta on Monday.

A very special thank you to Chris and the Wood Family for picking up Britta on Sunday afternoon and providing some very special, much needed attention in the way of a bath, food to help settle her stomach and frequent supervised potty breaks. Also thank you to John for supplying Britta with a leash and collar and to Chris for handling food requirements for Britta.

britta and her dinner in bed

While the transport was rough on her, she is now blossoming very, very nicely with Stephanie and I am sure Britta will be up for adoption on the website soon. Very pretty, special girl with an excellent temperament. Awesome transport team and thank you all so much for giving Britta the best ride possible. You all did a fantastic job in keeping up communication and sharing thoughts and solutions. Best wishes for a very happy future Britta! There are some really fun videos of Britta interacting with resident pups on the American Belgian Malinois Rescue Face Book page.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Lovely Bandit, a 1 year old mini-Malinois female, is headed to her forever home with the de Mattia family. She is just 35 lbs and 19” tall.

susan daughter and bandit

She had a wonderful trip, thanks to the very experienced hands of all drivers. Thank you so much to driver and foster mom Catherine Traina; drivers Susan Herskowitz, Mark Musser, Carolyn Zimmer, Jason Bell, Lois Mark and Melanie de Mattia who is also Bandit’s new mom.

We have seen many wonderful pictures of Bandit since arriving to her forever home. She has a playmate, Zeus, and they are also getting on very well. Her first 2 weeks have been filled with playing with Zeus, camping, learning to swim in the river, sleeping in a tent and according to her new family – she is just perfect.

mark and susan with bandit



bandit and lois

Wishing Bandit and her family many, many wonderful adventures. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this trip possible for Bandit!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday May 30, 2015 – Axel is headed to training and foster care in New Hampshire. He is a very handsome boy as you can see.

A very loud “THANK YOU” to his drivers Judy Johnson, Marcia Tokson, Melissa Tommaselli, Mike Simon and Andrea Rogers.


Axel should be up on the website shortly for adoption. He is 1-1/2 years old, around 60 lbs and 25”.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Wednesday May 27 thru Friday May 29 – Jax (now Zoey) is headed to her forever home with a wonderful family in Ohio. Thanks to the efforts of her foster and a few very special transporters and dedicated adoptive home, Zoey made the trip wonderfully.

A huge thank you to foster Tasha Belfiore, to drivers Char Foeller and Vicky Dryer, who drove and held Jax for the long-distance ride north, and to long-distance driver Sue Hewlings who took Jax up to Emporia to meet her new family who had driven down from Ohio to meet her.

jax now zoey at home

As you can see Zoey is doing VERY WELL – congratulations to Zoey and the Campbell family! Great job everyone on getting this girl home.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, June 27, 2015carlee freedom ride Carlee is a very small, 1+ year old female Malinois, currently in foster care in Inglis FL and headed to her long-term foster home in Lexington KY. This beautiful little girl weighs in at just under 40 lbs and while nervous with all the changes and stresses of transport, she made the trip well and in comfort!

Kristin Muntz and Carlee in the crate

carlee and michael russell

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who worked their magic with Carlee: short-term foster home Ursula and Dave Huffman; long-term foster home John Clifton; drivers Kristin Muntz, Coral Wages, Gail Ponder, Pam Campbell, Kelly Huckel, Michael and Bridget Russell, Donna Fefee, Maureen Dixon and Derek and Kristina Pattison; monitor and ABMR State Coordinator Carol Aulick.

The transport team was awesome, keeping in touch, working with each other to make sure that Carlee’s needs were met. Just a wonderful job everybody!

carlee and the bed

carlee in kentucky happy

Carlee is doing well in her foster home and continues to blossom into a wonderful dog. Watch the website, this little mini-Mal will be available for adoption in the near future and I have also seen John posting updates on the FB page.

Congratulations Carlee – wishing you all the best! Congratulations team – job very well done!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

May 23-24, 2015 – Spartacus is a 2 year old male Malinois who ended up at the Humane Society of S. Mississippi as a stray. He is young and HW+. Once we were aware of him, ABMR spent weeks trying to locate a foster home for him, one that could take him through HW treatment. The HS was nice enough to hold him but he was not happy being in a kennel, he wanted to be with people. A foster was finally located but before transport could be arranged, situations changed and once again the call went out for a foster home. David and Kelsey Taddei stepped us and offered to foster Spartacus… they lived in Vermont. Wow… was this even possible… MS to VT??? I do believe this is the longest standard ground transport ABMR has ever done, and it was done in a week.

spartacus and lorraine

spartacus and loretta

spartacus and parentis

spartacus and robin campbell

mark musser and bruce sparrow

The original 22 legs and overnight needed were routed thru areas where we really had few contacts, Mississippi, Alabama and southern Virginia. The northern legs filled quickly but we were struggling in the south. As we edged up on Thursday afternoon our on-board drivers began to absorb missing legs… and with the final addition of a new-to-transport driver in leg #1, those 22 legs were compressed down to 14 drivers and our overnight in Knoxville. JUST AMAZING !~!

We are so grateful to everyone who supported Spartacus on his journey into rescue, to a loving family and improved health status. Thank you to the HS for keeping him safe. Thank you to drivers Lorraine Garbrey Heverling, Loretta Clissold, Helena Uber Wamble, David Parenti, Maureen Dixon, Robin Campbell, Dianna Thompson, Will and Halie Rogers, Sandi Collier, Angela McCalla, Karen Anderson, Bruce and Leslie Sparrow, Mark Musser, Susan Herskowitz and David and Kelsey Taddei. Thank you to all the friends, spouses and partners who traveled with these drivers. Thank you all for giving up a day of your holiday weekend to make it possible for Spartacus to get to VT so quickly. Thank you for your care and understanding of this boy who really did very well with so many changes in such a short amount of time. And thank you to ABMR State Coordinator Christine Reilly who worked so tirelessly to get Spartacus into rescue and who monitored this 2-day run.

The following is a recap from Mo Dixon, who overnighted Spartacus on Saturday night: “Spartacus arrived in Knoxville about 7:00 p.m. Saturday night. What a beautiful, friendly, underweight, joyful, and like all two year old Mals, hyper. Robin (Boomer’s other Mum) was with me. We met him at the Cracker Barrel, and she went to meet him first, as I was paying our dinner bill. She was holding him on the leash and I walked up, and he just was the friendliest Mal I have ever seen. Robin road in the back seat of my car with him, where he promptly laid down and put his head in her lap.

When we got to my house and got him out of the car, he was alert and wanted to go and look/sniff at everything. We took him into the back yard, still had him on leash, and let him wander around to potty. The three boxers next door — two males and a female — charged the fence barking. Spartacus looked up ran over to the fence, tail wagging, and literally body language that said “H! What’s up”. He showed no aggression, never barked back. They all wound up sniffing noses and other parts through the fence. When he settled a bit, we fed him.

spartacus leslie sparrow and karen anderson husband

Robin and I decided it was time to unleash the hound upon him. She had Spartacus outside on the deck, and I brought Shuvani down and we let them see each other through the doors. I wanted to be sure there would be no aggression shown. Shuvani was anxious to meet him and he again showed only interest and no aggression. We opened the door. Shuvani fell instantly in love. They ran down the stairs into the yard. Spartacus didn’t really know what to make of her. Shuvani flirted with him, sniffed, and play bowed. (Ochi would have been proud of her.) Finally, he gave in and said hello. He had been neutered recently and we knew he was HW positive so we were prepared not to have him run around a lot. He didn’t. But he also didn’t know how to play. But after a few minutes, he did nuzzle her and walk around after her. Shuvani tried her hardest to get him to play tug, but he didn’t know how. We didn’t encourage because of his condition. But he did finally get the idea he was to follow her around the yard and nuzzle her.

spartacus and susan

Robin’s husband, John, came to get her, and he walked in the door from the garage and Spartacus was there to greet him, tail wagging and jumping with joy. Not even a bark. We all laughed thinking he may not make the greatest watch dog. He is so friendly to all people and dogs.

Bedtime –. Robin and I tried to crate him, but he obviously had issues with that. We finally got him in with cookies and a little pushing. But as we started to leave the room to test him, he was full bent on getting out of the crate. We relented, as I didn’t want him to break my crate and/or hurt himself trying to get out.

Spartacus obviously knows what a bed is. Shuvani was on the bed and he hopped up with intentions of getting comfy. I took one look at Shuvani who was looking at me like “This isn’t happening” — that is her realm. I got him off the bed and got him to settle on his dog bed next to my bed. I kept his leash in my hand. It took him awhile to settle down. He is obviously house broken. He would get up, as he had to go out and he would stand by the bedroom door, which I had gated. So down the stairs we went, with Shuvani following because she wasn’t about to miss anything, and he went straight for the food bin. So I fed him, then he drank a ton of water, then he wanted out where he did his business and came right back in. Shuvani following disappointed he was not going to stay under the stars and play. Spatacus did this again — same little routine Shuvani followed again. The third time, Spartacus got up, Shuvani laid in bed and rolled over. Unfortunately for me, Spartacus did this all night. Can you say lack of sustained sleep?

spartacus david and kelsey

During the night, Shuvani had a dream and barked. Spartacus was up like a shot and over to her nuzzling and giving her head a shove with his nose to make sure she was ok. It was so sweet.

Morning came and time to pack up. I put Shuvani in the car, hoping it would help him to get in. It did partially, but as I lifted his back end up, he turned quick as lightening to bolt out of the car. After a wrestling match that would make WWF proud, I got him in the car. We met his next transport and off he went. Shuvani was so depressed that her friend left.

Spartacus, although we decided he was much more of a Socrates, is going to make someone a wonderful dog. He is the friendliest of Mals. He is going to be big. I’m guessing he is going to weigh in at about 70 lbs when he gets his weight and muscle tone back. I’m also guessing he is going to make one of the world’s greatest therapy dogs (with a little training not to jump on humans). He doesn’t seem to have any aggression issues. He loves humans. He certainly has the personality for it. I sincerely hope his forever home sees his potential in this regard.”

We wish a bright road ahead for Spartacus as he undergoes HW treatment, recovery and just plain relaxing. He will be posted on the website once medically cleared. AMAZING JOB everyone…. You took on a huge transport… on a holiday weekend… running late into the night on Sunday… and you made it look so, so easy. You are THE BEST! And Spartacus says ‘thank you for taking such good care of me’!!!

spartacus eyes

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, May 2, 2015 – Sync has been through heartworm treatment and is now on her way to her foster home in Tennessee.

Malinois Rescue wishes to send out a BIG thank you to Sync’s support/transport team – Drivers Theresa Matarazzo (who also took Sync thru HW treatment – thank you so much!!), Jenny Loach, Mark Potter, Sandi Collier, Connie Perdue, Dianna Thompson, Jane George, Jan Saylors and foster mom Charlotte Blake; and to Sync’s coordinator and transport monitor Janet McSwain.

sync and jennifer

sync and mark

Sync walking

sync thank you

It was a long day and they hit construction on the very first leg, but every driver communicated well and kept on top of everything. This was a hard run to fill and we really appreciate the drivers stretching out to make this happen for Sync. Next stop – forever home…. if you are looking for an active girl, watch for Sync’s bio on our website. Congratulations to everyone on making this day possible for Sync!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, May 2, 2015 – Duke was pulled from MDAS and moved to Pompano Beach so that transport could be arranged to his foster home in South Carolina with Sally Ellison. He is a skinny little boy, about 1 year old.

duke and eileen

duke and bob

duke and jeanne

duke and angela

duke and anesha lee

Our immense thanks to Duke’s fantastic support team: Freedom ride with Cindy Richard from Miami-Dade to Pompano Beach; drivers Eileen and Bob Burnell, Renee Rosamilla, Karen Alderson, Jeanne Gregory, Angela Maddux, Anesha Lee, James Treanor, Dean Bain; foster mom Sally Ellison; coordinator and transport monitor Janet McSwain.

Duke is a sweet boy and everyone enjoyed this run! Duke’s future now appears bright thanks to the efforts of this team pulling together and getting the job done! Wishing Duke lots and lots of wonderful adventures.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

April 4 and 5, 2015 – Anika is a 5 year old female Malinois who was found abandoned when the sheriff tried to serve an eviction notice. She was taken to a local shelter where ABMR pulled her. She was found to be HW+ but very sweet. She is headed to her foster home in Massachusetts where she will start HW treatment.

saying goodbye to tanner

anika gwen and dil

denise and anika

anika with gwen bed

ann carol and anika

anika and ann

Anika’s Angels are: Denise Williams who short-term fostered her; drivers Denise Williams, Laura Hargis, Leigha Fenwick, Anaka Kagen, Nikole English, Trish Garlow, Jeanne Crawmer, Gwen and Denise Mongelli (who not only drove but overnighted Anika Saturday night), Tara Whispell, Mark Musser, Jennifer Bale-O’Connell, Carol Roche, and Ann Roche who is also Anika’s foster mom; and ABMR State Coordinator and transport monitor on Saturday Janet McSwain.

They had to work around the flooding in Kentucky that weekend but I think you can tell from the pictures that this was a good run and Anika did extremely well. Thank you to all of Anika’s Angels for getting her to a safe place and a happy home where she can start treatment and begin the search for her perfect forever home. Thank you for giving her that second chance at the life she deserves!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, April 4, 2015 – Leyla is a 1 year old female, about 47 lbs and 22” who was an urgent shelter rescue, with limited time to get her out. Our thanks to Dawn Robinson who went above and beyond to drive to the shelter, evaluate her and get her into a boarding facility until we could arrange transport to her foster home with Lizz Molloy in NJ. She was described as a sweet girl and she definitely lived up to that description on transport.

leyla and bridgitte

Leyla’s angels include Dawn Robinson who pulled her and got her to safety; and drivers Jay Eubanks, Maury Mills, Donna Sees, Pat Small, Rob and Martha Paschal, Bridgitte and Jason Bailey, Kelly Vermace and Lizz Molloy, who is also fostering Leyla. Thank you for giving up some of your holiday weekend to get Leyla to her foster home. Thank you for braving the traffic of I-95 on a holiday weekend and getting thru less than 1 hour behind. My thanks to State Coordinator Janet McSwain for monitoring the run.

leyla and her new bud

We wish Leyla a happy future, a fantastic forever home and many, many adventures – all possible because of the ABMR Volunteers that saw her potential and freely gave of their time and resources to get Leyla to safety.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Peeka is a little bit of a girl, 28 lbs, barely 20 inches. She came into rescue with Jen Pursley in Kansas where she received all her vetting, and is now headed to her foster home in Clinton MI with Julie and Tim Turner. Transport filled quickly and this was a beautiful run.

peeka and jen pursely

peeka and barb clauson

Thank you to Jen Pursley for short-term foster and taking the first leg of transport. Thank you to drivers Barbara Clauson, Beth Todd, Shelby Vohsen, Denise and Taylor Vohsen, Lynne Foster, Theresa Kulb and driver and foster mom and dad Tim and Julie Turner, and to monitor and State Coordinator Janet McSwain!!

peeka and beth todd

peeka 4

peeka and theresa kulb

peeka julie and tim

The pictures say it all. Fantastic job everyone, great communication and excellent handling. I have seen updates from Julie on FB. Peeka is a little thing but she is all Malinois. Watch the website as this very special girl will be available for adoption shortly.

welcome to mi peeka and julie

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Asher was recently pulled and transported from the Atlanta area to Thompson’s Station TN. He was pulled from a shelter in the Atlanta area, terribly fearful and shut down, he needed to be evaluated so that an appropriate foster home could be located. He has now been thru evaluation and neutering, and a foster home has been found with Michelle Barker south of Atlanta. The run was planned and posted and while it did not fill quickly, it did fill, and Asher was able to make the trip to his foster home on Saturday.

asher 2 on transport to milner

A huge THANK YOU to drivers Charlotte Blake, Candy Swan, Donna Grant, Julie Yost and Amy McIlwain. Thank you for the excellent care and handling Asher received on his trip south. I know traffic was a bit of a problem in areas but your communication was excellent.

asher and amy m to road to milner

Thank you as always to Charlotte Blake for offering to take Asher so that we could pull him from the shelter. We knew he was struggling and needed a thorough evaluation. Thank you to Michelle Barker for offering to foster Asher to adoption. He is a real people pup so watch for this boy to come up on the website soon for adoption.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

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