ABMR 2015 Transports

Asher on ride to TN

Friday, March 13, 2015 – Asher is a 2 year old male who was pulled from a shelter in the Atlanta area. Way beyond scared, this boy just flattened out and had to be lifted into his rescuer’s vehicle for the ride to his boarding facility. His foster home is with Charlotte Blake in the Nashville area, a long ride for one boy who was not handling all of this very well. We started posting for standard transport but then received a wonderful offer from Bobby Murphy that I am so very sure made this transport much easier for Asher. He was making a run from Marietta to Nashville on Friday night and could take Asher all the way up to meet Charlotte.

asher in the back seat

Our neverending thanks go to Amy McIlwain who pulled Asher from the shelter and found him a place to board at Bark at the Ark. Bark at the Ark did an amazing job with him – thank you so much for the bath and rescue rate!! Thank you to Andrea Cartier who picked up Asher, gave him a collar and leash of his very own, and got him up to Marietta Friday evening to meet Bobby Murphy on his departure to Nashville. Thank you Bobby!!!! That straight thru trip was just perfect. Thank you Charlotte, for taking in yet another Malinois who needed help. And as always, thank you State Coordinator Janet McSwain for getting this boy into rescue and to Michael Russell for letting Bobby know about Asher’s need for a ride and for lending a crate.

asher 3 22 outdoors

Asher did very well on transport. He is now recovering from neuter surgery and starting to find out that life can be pretty good. Huge thanks to everyone who touched Asher on his journey into rescue and to his foster home – you saved him! Watch the website for Asher to be available for adoption in the near future.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday/Saturday – February 28 and March 1st – This is Lila’s second transport, this one finally getting her to her foster home in PA. Lila was pulled from a shelter in southern Florida and moved up to a wonderful boarding facility, Mugu’s, in Kingsland, GA while we arranged for a foster home and transport to get her there. We had an offer from a driver headed from FL to MD for training. Oscar helped out in 2013 with Ash on this same run, and now it was Lila’s turn to keep him company from Kingsland PA to Ruther Glen VA. In Ruther Glen Lila was met by Rod and Martha Paschal who overnighted Lila and met transport the next morning in Fredericksburg.

lila with chris in kingsland meeting oscar

melanie and lila

lila and martha paschal

lila w melanie departing fredericksburg

what's for breakfast

Tom and Lila

A HUGE thank you to transporters Oscar Garcia, Chris Garza with Mugu’s, Martha and Rod Paschal, Melanie De Mattia, Jenny Loach, Sue Greeley and to her foster mom and dad Tom and Megan Thompson. Thank you also to Cindy Richards and Angela Maddux for ground support!!

As you can see we had a lot of wonderful pictures from this trip.

No other way to describe this run but as SSSSSMMMMOOOOTTTTHHHHH…… Awesome team, lots of communication necessary on a trip this long and everyone did a stellar job, including Lila, who clearly enjoyed all the attention.

She is doing very well in her foster home, settling in, exploring and relaxing…. this is one very nice girl and we will be looking for the perfect home shortly.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, February 22, 2015 – Sync is a 2.5 year old female Malinois who is headed to her foster home in Baltimore MD. There she will be gaining weight and ultimately undergoing treatment for HW. She was bought off Craigslist, coming out of a horrible situation, and turned over to Malinois Rescue.

sync post 2

Our thanks to Charlotte Blake for fostering her and ultimately getting her to Maryland – and to Theresa Matarazzo who met Sync in Maryland as transport passed thru. I’m sure Theresa will keep us updated on how Sync is doing medically and when she will become available for adoption. Sync is described as “sweetness incarnate”. We wish her all the best in her treatment and recovery.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday through Sunday, Feb 20-22, 2015 – Sawyer is a young male Malinois who was rescued by a young man when he witnessed abuse to the dog. When he was unable to keep Sawyer, he contacted Malinois Rescue for help. Sawyer was quickly brought into Rescue with temp foster Julia Elosge in Florida. A foster home with Kirsten and Christopher in Connecticut was located and planning was begun to make transport happen.

sawyer at angelas

sawyer looking so cute

Kirsten and Christopher were willing to make an adventure of this situation and offered to meet Sawyer in Richmond VA. Posts were sent out and a plan quickly took shape to move Sawyer up to northern FL on Friday where drivers moved him up to Kingsland GA to spend Friday night. From that overnight with Angela Maddux, he departed Saturday morning and after a long, long day met Kirsten and Christopher just outside of Richmond.

jordan and sawyer

While northbound transport was running very well, southbound Kirsten and Christopher hit accumulating snow and ice in the DC area which quickly added another 2-3 hours to their trip southbound.

Thank you to foster and driver Julia Elosge. Julia was able to give Sawyer a home to relax and de-stress in while being evaluated. He received the medical care and loving attention that he needed to successfully make the trip to his foster home in the north. Thank you to drivers: Pat Schlenker and Bea Moyer who moved Sawyer on Friday night from Gainesville FL to Kingsland GA. Thank you to Angela Maddux for receiving, overnighting and taking the first leg of transport on Saturday morning. Thank you to drivers Rebecca Smith, Becky Baker and Debbie Keebler, Sara Anderson, Jordan Adem, Maury Mills and Laura and Gerry Hargis. And a huge thank you to Kirsten Marra and Christopher Wellington for taking on that trip down the east coast and greeting Sawyer with open arms and big smiles. And last but certainly not least, thank you to ABMR State Coordinator Janet McSwain who monitored this run, keeping everyone on tract and updated!

sawyer and christopher destressing

kirsten and sawyer

This little guy has been through a lot in his first year, and I think Sawyer is a pretty appropriate name for a Malinois destined for many, many adventures. Oh, and did I mention – Sawyer LOVES the snow! Good thing….

sawyer loving the snow

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

laci with theresa all warm and snuggly

Sunday, February 22, 2015 – Laci is a 9 year old female Malinois who, originally from Texas, is now headed to long-term foster care with Foster Mom Laura Bronk in Stevens Point WI.

Transport was originally scheduled for Sunday, 2/15, but due to lake-effect snow in northern Indiana we had to cancel and try again for today. While there was still some snow to deal with coming around the bottom of Lake Michigan – transport was a go and departed Mason MI right on time.

etsuko and Laci

laci with teresa

amy and laci

Thank you to all of Laci’s drivers – Josh Swaynie, Etsuko Dlouhy, Teresa Sheppard, Amy Hammer, Dia Morgan, Lori and Tim Wirsching, Norma and Don Johnson and foster Laura Bronk. As you can see from the pictures, Laci was not quite sure what was going on, but bless her heart she quickly loaded up and was a very happy girl to snuggle into the warm blankets provided. It was very cold on transport today and thank you to Dia Morgan for outfitting Laci in a pretty red jacket to keep for those cold Wisconsin winters.

laci lori and tim

The team had an excellent run, starting each leg out right on time. Communication was excellent and we had a lot of pictures.

We wish Laci all the best, settling into her new home and meeting her new family. She is a wonderful girl and I know she was grateful to each and every member of this team for the kind words of encouragement and blasting heaters – AWESOME TEAM – Thank you!!

laci and laura

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Nikki and gwen in Ohio

Sunday, February 22, 2015 – Nikki is a 4 year old female Malinois who is headed to her foster home in New York. Transport was arranged to go last week but due to inclement (to say the least) weather, had to be cancelled. Weather was much more cooperative today but always a challenge when running along the great lakes in the winter.

Thank you to Gwen Giznsky and Mike and Darcy Zarkas for fostering Nikki and driving legs of this transport to get her home to New York. Thank you to Lee and Lyn Nelson for filling in the middle 182 miles.

nikki lee lyn

nikki with darcy and mike

As you can see, Nikki had a great ride today – all thanks to the experienced, loving hands of her rescue drivers – excellent transport!

Thank you for supporting Nikki and making this a special day for her.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, February 14, 2015 – Koda is a 1 year old female Malinois who came into rescue thru the Nebraska Humane Society and on Saturday made the trip from Omaha NE to her foster home with Kathy Greenwood in Vinita OK.

koda on transport

koda strawberry w kerri

Many, many thanks go to Dawn Thrapp with NHS for all her help in getting Koda into rescue; to drivers Kerri Taylor, Lea and Brian McCandless, and Kathy Greenwood for stretching out and making transport happen this weekend for Koda.

She is now safe and settling in and should be up for adoption on the ABMR website shortly.

And this “little guy”, well Kerri managed to run full in both directions, taking this beautiful Pyr back to Omaha with her on the return trip. Awesome transport – awesome team!!!

double run

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, January 25, 2015 – Boss made the trip from the AWL in Crawfordsville IN to meet up with his foster mom at Purina Farms, St. Louis, MO on Sunday.

boss and beths husband

beth and boss

boss and jill leg 2

A huge thank you to drivers Alice Taylor, Jill Nagy, Beth Beck-Marts and her husband, Mary Brady and foster mom Charlotte Blake. Also many thanks to Misha at the AWL for contacting us and watching over Boss. An excellent job was done by all! The weather was not optimal but at least did not involve tons of snow.

By the time he reached TN he was pretty sure he did not want to come out of that crate again, but recent info from foster mom says that while he is still environmentally jumpy, he is eating out of her hand and wagging his tail. We hope to hear continued good news on Boss and know he will be on the website soon seeking his forever home. Good boy Boss!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

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