Update: 11/23/085: Becky, Destra’s Coordinator, writes: Just got a call from Valerie, she was on the way home with Destra. She said the vet has never seen a dog recover and be so totally oblivious to the loss of a leg. I should mention the vet adopted a Mal some years ago, so she knows how resilient they are!

(snicker) Valerie said the vet told her that she KNEW how impossible it would be to keep Destra quiet and such, so told her to hold down the running to no more than 10 or so minutes per day/RX times twice a day. Valerie says the vet did a great job, and if not for the stitches you would never know she was not born with three legs!

Valerie promised photos soon!

Update: 11-22-08

Update: Becky, Destra’s Coordinator, writes at midnight 11/21/08: I talked to Valerie tonight. Miss Destra was up and walking at the vets….Valerie said she did not seem to miss her leg, and had no balance problems. So, looks like we may soon have a picture of the Flying Tripod!


We the Met Goal!

Destra is Scheduled for Surgery,

Thursday November 20th

Last spring a very young Malinois was playing exuberantly with her owner when she broke a leg. The owner was unable to afford to fix the leg and turned her over to another rescue program. PUP (People United for Pets) in Washington State had her leg fixed, which required the insertion of a pin but after a few weeks she started clubbing her foot and lost all physical condition during the five weeks of confinement. They recognized they simply did not have the appropriate setup needed to prevent her from doing further damage to her foot. In other words Destra was being a Malinois, constantly in motion. They asked us if we could take her into foster care and we agreed!

Destra since coming into ABMC Rescue!

As a result of the broken leg and 6 months of infections that have plagued her Destra now needs her entire back leg amputated.

To help ABMC Rescue cover the cost please consider donating at Network for Good.

Follow this link to read Destra’s whole story.

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