Max & Erma

Checking in here from the Land of Bluegrass! Max and Erma are flourishing! Max has gained ten pounds! I don’t know where he puts it, he still looks rail thin to me. We went to the Vet the other day and Max was a perfect gentleman. There were two Chihuahuas yapping away and Max just watched them with an amused look on his face. The Vet was amazed that he was a rescue because he was so level headed. He rolled over on his back and let her cut his sutures out without so much as a wiggle.

Max and Erma running free
I have a friend that owns 1200 beautiful acres of Kentucky’s finest scenery that is completely fenced in. On the property there is a trail that meanders around a creek. Its the perfect playground for Malinois! Max and Erma ran like the day would never end, never getting more than 50 yards from us. Erma loves the water and will plow right in. Max wasn’t sure at first. He would race up and down the bed barely dipping his toes in. It wasn’t too long before Max was diving in right alongside Erma. She couldn’t have all the fun!
As we were walking we notice a metal plate in the water. My son pointed it out to Max and convinced him to go get it. Max noticed the shiny plate in the water and he and Erma pawed at it enthusiastically. When it became obvious that pawing at the water was not the most efficient way to retrieve the plate Max buried his face in the water and burst out of the water sputtering and proudly laid the plate at my feet. Wagging his whole body, ready for me to toss it back in!

Erma and Max

The walk was not with out incident of course, I was traveling with Malinois! As we were coming up to one of the pastures Max noticed COWS! He took off across the pasture like a rocket was tied to his back, my children racing behind him screaming his name. I was hurrying along, careful not to break a hip, Erma at my side, a look of sympathy on her face as she watched me struggle.

Like a miracle sent from God just about 20 feet from the cows, Max came to a dead stop. His barks ceased, his head down. I thought my hoarse cries had found his mercy. No such luck. The cows were moving and like a well trained border collie Max bolted to the left, barking but keeping distance from the cows. It was surreal. My poor little Hoarder dog turned a herd of 20 cows away from the creek and through a gate into a pasture. As I huffed along, Erma encouraging me, I was still convinced it was a case of chasing coincidence. The cows knew the pasture was a safe place and ran there when the dog chased them. My theory was dashed as Max turned like a cat stalking a bird, his head down, and then bursting out in a flurry of barks and action to move the stragglers, two cows with their calves that had run the other way, to join the herd. By then my winded son, terrified the cows would remove Max’s head with a well placed kick slammed the gate shut behind them. Max tried to look professional. Lapped at the water. No big deal. You know I am a herding dog.

Max and Erma

Ella, Erma and Max's Album Cover
My son thinks if they had a band they could use that picture for their album cover.
It’s hard to believe its been 18 days since the Florida pups came home with us. They fit into our life like a missing puzzle piece. Erma the happy whimsical dainty girl, chasing butterflies and rolling joyfully in the grass. Max the ever present masculine force, guarding the perimeter and chasing off derelict squirrels and trespassing blue jays. His bark is deep and intimidating, the loiterers in the neighborhood have moved on. He doesn’t want anyone to know it but behind closed doors he is the worlds largest lap dog. Clamoring up for kisses and hugs. Silly old bear.
Max and Dusty

We are still accident free. The nights are quiet, not a peep. Around 6:30 I can hear Max, restless in his crate, bounding outside to relieve himself, with the girls trot, trot, trot, behind. They eat anything I throw their way. Three meals a day and they are still rail thin! Max loves pizza crusts. Erma loves rawhides, but Max just doesn’t get it. He carries it around until Erma can sneak away with it for her chewing pleasure.

Ella feels like she is having an endless sleep over. She is so happy to have someone to play with but she doesn’t much like sharing her food. She has had a six inch reach advantage over any dog she has ever played with. The first day she ‘boxed’ Max on the head with her paw he returned the courtesy with out so much as blink of the eye. She was stunned! She has met her match! He is every bit as quick, strong and long as she is. They roll, wrestle, pant, and wallow to exhaustion with sweet Erma skipping by and occasionally cheering them on.

Even though I already love them more than I thought possible, I hope they both find a home where they can have their own people and find new adventures. The both have so much to give. I can’t believe they were almost lost to us.

Ella, Dusten, Erma and Max

EMERGENCY HELP IS NEEDED – Living in small cages in their own waste, these two beautiful Malinois’ were seized from Hoarder in a raid. This young female & male pair need emergency foster home to save from dying at the kill shelter who is currently housing them. They are located in North Florida…young, sweet, scared..
It was a call that could not go unanswered. I could move this, clean out that, we could make room for two more, right? Long story short…

Welcome to Kentucky Max and Erma!

Ella and Friends

Today is Day Five and so far the only hint of an accident was Max’s attempt to baptize the kitchen Island. My kids are sure the dogs have potty trained me rather than I training them. Any hint of interest in the back door and every few hours it’s outside to potty! I race home on my lunch hour and any whimper at 2 am gets my full attention. We all parade outside and I am the resident cheerleader. Go Team! Go! Ella humors me, trots out and squeeks a dribble out and the other two follow suit.

The last two days it has rained buckets. My backyard is officially designated The Mud Pit. In Kentucky a horse that races well in the mud is referred to as a Mudder, I have three true blue Mudders on my hands! The love it! They slip and slide, roll and wrestle, and basically wallow in the mud. Now the rinse before coming inside, that not so much.

We play ball everyday and Max has really gotten the hang of it. He gives Ella a run for her money. He will bring it back and drop it at my feet. Every now and then Erma gets the ball and just runs around the back yard gleefully. I see the other two roll their eyes and wait for her to lose interest and drop it somewhere so the game can start again.

They are both eating well now. They are learning everyday. They settle down quickly if its just one loose and eventually when they are all loose. Max likes to sit next to me at the computer whereas Erma wants to sit ON me at the computer. I have yet to hear either bark but Max did whisper bark once. They never make a peep from their crates. I wish they could teach Ella that trick…

Stay tuned for more updates.