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Lyn Harral
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Lyn Harral
ABMR Webmaster

Saturday and Sunday – October 19 and 20, 2013 – Lily and Leo were 7 month old littermates who came into rescue after being pulled from a shelter in Arkansas. Leo’s leg was broken, but with the fantastic work of his foster mom, Marie Stacks in Little Rock, he had healed and was ready to go to his forever home in Florida with Matthew Willey.

Lily was fostered by John Segars in Pine Bluff. She is described as a super sweet cuddle bug who is full of typical Malinois puppy energy.

lilly6john miller leo and lily oct 2013

Lily and Leo were both headed to Florida, so they began the transport together. Their drivers were Marie Stacks, John Segars, Tammy Culverhouse, John and Nadia Miller, Robert and Karen McGuigan (Lily’s new mom and dad), Mickey Tener, Bonnie Kisko and Larry Willey (Leo’s new family). A huge thank you to all those who touched these sweeties on transport, their foster families and a big thank you to John and Nadia Miller who took a 325 mile leg along with Mickey Tener who took a 334 mile leg and also overnighted Leo on Saturday night. THANK YOU!!!

This team made it look easy, great communication and superior handling, keeping Lily and Leo relaxed and comfortable on their long trip – the dogs did well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Leo did have a bit of a fright when confronted with the biggest dog he had ever seen (okay, it was a horse!) but this weekend was all about the adventure and the forever homes waiting for them.

Happy Lily

Update: Both Leo and Lily have done very well in their new homes. This is Lily, so very happy with her new family.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, 2013 – What a long road this little girl has traveled in her 7 short months of life. Her journey began somewhere in Texas where she was picked up as a stray. She was pulled from a high kill shelter and kenneled in Magnolia with Tammy at Tri-County K9 until we could get her moved to Taylor in Missouri to foster. Taylor worked with Jade on manners and set about finding that perfect placement for her. Now she is headed to her forever home in Delaware.

jade with adam and lonna

on floor with blanket at the callenders

This was one of those transports where it took some heroic effort to make it happen for Jade and we had an amazing team working together to get her home. She left Columbia on Saturday morning, with drivers Adam and Lonna Wood, then traveling eastbound with Carol Dixon, Beth Beck-Marts and Mike Carrigan to Columbus OH. Jade overnighted with Ron and Cheryl Callander while Mike spent the night in a nearby hotel. Ron and Cheryl gave Jade the royal treatment as always and had her back to the hotel to meet Mike on Sunday morning.

jade saying goodbye to Mike

Mike and Jade were on the road at 8:30 a.m., headed 4 hours away to Cumberland MD. There Mike and Jade met Heather Roche who transported Jade the next 160 miles to meet in Annapolis MD with Linda Jessen, Jade’s new mom. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!! WHAT A TEAM!!

jade heather and mike in maryland

Our never-ending thanks to TX State Coordinators Paula Sherrouse and Lee Ann Doyle; MO State Coordinator Taylor Harwood who fostered Jade in Missouri; to her incredible transport team of Adam and Lonna Wood, Carol Dixon, Beth Beck-Marts, Mike Carrigan (who drove 470 miles and then turned around and drove 470 back home), Ron and Cheryl Callander, Heather Roche (who bribed Jade with fries to keep the peace as Jade was getting a little tired of driving by then) and Linda Jessen (Jade’s forever mom and last leg driver).

jade and the jessen family

She is a beautiful girl; she impressed all who touched her on her trip home; and her new family was very excited to receive her. Wishing Jade a wonderful future filled with adventures and snuggles…

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sept 27 through Sept 30, 2013 – Cash is a +/- 4 month old male puppy who was at a shelter in Greenwood MS. They contacted ABMR and Coordinator Mike Pechnyo began working on plans to get Cash to a foster home. Robin Barfoot out of central Michigan stepped up and offered to foster. I was aware of a foster home in Illinois who would be traveling down to New Orleans for a family event within the next week. Tina had room to bring him north with her on their return trip, but they would not be returning until Sunday… a long time for this little guy to be sitting at the shelter. Through another miracle, Mike received an offer from Peggy Robinson in Memphis to hold him for Tina, and a volunteer at the shelter offered to bring Cash the 135 miles from Greenwood to Memphis.

Thus began Cash’s journey to Michigan. He traveled north to Peggy in Memphis on the 27th, where he had a great old time with Peggy. On Sunday, Tina picked him up as they were passing thru Memphis and took him thru to Springfield IL where he spent the night with Tina and her family.

He was picked up in Springfield by Sally Atterberry and her daughter, and taken north to Bloomington IL where they met IL State Coordinator Mike Pechnyo. Mike drove Cash to Benton Harbor MI where they met Sue Myers and her sister Dar, who took him home to Grand Rapids, where Robin Barfoot picked him up.

Everyone pulling together got this little guy out of the shelter and to his foster home quickly and safely. If you are traveling and have room for a pup, please let me know as you just never know where there is a Malinois needing a ride and you might be going right past him/her. Thank you to Peggy Robinson, Tina Johnson, Susan Myer, State Coordinator Mike Pechnyo and fantastic foster mom Robin Barfoot! I’m sure we will see this little guy on the website shortly – he is one adorable pup and I am sure he will blossom with Robin’s direction.

Have fun Cash – now known as Crash!! Lin Karrels Transport Coordinator/ABMR

Saturday and Sunday, September 21 & 22, 2013 – Bindi is a sweet, adorable little girl – a 10 month old female Belgian Malinois. We don’t know much about her early life, she was pulled from a shelter in South Carolina at a young age and has been fostered and loved by Jackie Brown in SC.

The perfect home has been found for Bindi in New York with John and Lynda Baremore. It’s another long trip, but the run and overnight quickly filled. Within a week of posting she was headed home. We knew it would be a difficult parting for Bindi – she truly enjoyed her stay with Jackie and her pack. But she troopered on accompanied by toys and reminders of home and Jackie.

Bindi was a dream on transport, quiet and well-behaved, sharing kisses as she was handed off to the next driver. She obviously enjoyed her overnight with Jessica and her family.

Can we ever say it enough? NO!!! Thank you to State Coordinator Janet McSwain, foster mom Jackie Brown and transporters Jackie Brown, Annie Manchester, Russell Raniszewski, Mia Wakham, Edrie Greer, Donna Sees, Elaine Asper, Martha and Rod Paschal, Jessica Rambo (who also overnighted Bindi), Maryfrances Betts, Jude Azaren and Sandy Redder.

Congratulations to John and Lynda Baremore on their adoption of Bindi. Best wishes for a wonderful future Ms Bindi!

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR

Sunday, September 15, 2013 Lena is a 2 +/- year old female who was discovered in a shelter in North Carolina. She is an excellent girl, very social and friendly. Patty Bishop, a local rescue volunteer, pulled Lena and for the next 5 months gave Lena a very special home, where Lena enjoyed love, companionship and safety. Lena grew and blossomed into a very sweet girl.

Lena’s adoptive home is now ready to receive her and so plans were made and run sheets posted. The route we were posting is not highly populated with drivers and I anticipated that it would not be easy to fill the legs needed to get Lena home.

But the offers came in and we ultimately filled the run – a huge thank you to road angels Patty Bishop, Russell Shrewsbury, Pat Winter, Susan and Bill Linden, Cheryl Callander, Dan Willoughby, Vikkie Lewis and Kathy Zadroga. Susan and Bill stretched out to fill in a gap and Cheryl offered her home for a much needed exercise break in Columbus.

ABMR works only because of the dedication of it’s coordinators, volunteers, foster homes and transporters. Without even one of you, rescues of wonderful Malinois such as Lena would never be possible. Never underestimate the value of your contributions to saving the life of a dog. You are all such very special people.

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR

UPDATE: Lena continues to settle in with her new family. Every day she blossoms more and more into the girl she will ultimately become. Thank you – everyone – for making this picture possible.

September 14 and 15, 2013 Champ was an owner turn-in, a 5 year old male in danger of being PTS after 24 hours per SC law. The shelter gave ABMR 2 days to get him out or he would be euthanized. We managed to get him a spot in boarding while we looked for a foster home. He was there for 4+ weeks until we could find a home with the skills needed to work with this confident boy, but his foster home is 1000 miles away and he is not doing well in boarding. He is losing weight – we need to move him fast.

Champ LOVES people and he did his best along the way to his foster home in Massachusetts to convince everyone what a great boy he is. We would like to add our thanks (to those expressed by Champ while on transport) to those wonderful volunteers who made it possible for Champ to finally get out of the boarding kennel and on to life. He knew it right from the first leg – this was exciting – this was new – this was GOOD.

Thank you so much to Jan Banks who worked with the local shelter and boarding facilities, taking him good food, playing, socializing and working with him every chance she got over a period of 4+ weeks. Thank you to the amazing drivers who transported Champ over 1000 miles in 2 days – Joan Vogt, Dianna Thompson, Connie Perdue, Bobby Arellano, Jane and Eric Couser, Jeanne Crawmer, Karen Crown Anderson, Jay and Judy Hoffman, Patty Garofano, Barb Salvatoriello and Mark Musser, Jackie Harshman and Emily Faircloth. Dianna and Connie – thank you for taking those long double legs and to Jay for overnighting Champ. Emily – thank you for opening up your heart and home to Champ – for fostering him.

Thank you to Janet McSwain who had the confidence in Champ to believe in him.

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR

Champ is doing very well. He is learning how to interact and play nice. Every day brings improvement and gets him closer and closer to that forever home we know is out there waiting for him. He is a wonderful boy!!! Did we say he LOVES people!!!

Hallie – PA to IL 530 miles

Saturday, August 24, 2013 – Hallie is a 7 year old female Malinois. She was turned in to a shelter by her owner. It appeared that she was used as a brood bitch and was not allowed to be a dog in her previous life. She didn’t know how to play with toys and was very overweight. She had no muscle tone – most likely due to prolonged confinement in a cage or kennel.

Her foster family had done wonders with Hallie to help her shed some of the weight and build some muscle tone. She is now a total love bug, happy and adores her human family. She is also very sweet with children. It’s now time for Hallie to find her forever home.

Hallie dreams of a safe, warm home with a lovely backyard to run and play in, walks around the neighborhood and a loving family to share her life. And she found that in her forever home in Illinois with Don and Diane Hausser, who are very excited to welcome Hallie into their lives. Just a few miles, 530 to be exact, now stand between her and that forever home waiting for her.

Once again, those wonderful angels of the highway step up to make dreams come true for Hallie. We wish to thank foster home and transporter Tracey Weldon, drivers Tina Roudebush, Mike Wagner, Vikkie Lewis, Deb Strayer, Margo and Jack Corey, Dianna Gill, Susan Spinhirne, and adoptive home and transporter Don and Diane Hausser. 530 miles can be impossible, but not this time. It was a wonderful run with Hallie under the care and compassion of each driver who greeted her on the next leg. She happily rolled on her back in the cool grass – something wonderful was happening….

And a big kiss from Hallie to Coordinator Carol Aulick – a thank you for giving her that second chance.

Best wishes to Hallie for a wonderful life filled with warm sunny spots to snooze in, adventures in the yard and loving hands to reassure her.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator


We still can’t believe that we have a love sponge named Hallie. She will be at the vet today, and tomorrow she will be getting a canine beauty treatment befitting our little princess. She has established the she prefers the couch and MY lounge chair. Today she explored our entire back yard. Your efforts were heroic Please call me the next time you are in the Chicago area. Thank you. Don Hausser

Hally seems to be settling in just fine. She made herself at home instantly in the house, however, she still doesn’t like to go too far away from us in the back yard. In time, hopefully, she will be adventurous enough to go out by herself and investigate her yard. She does love her walks, so we go on a couple a day. She gave us a little scare this week – her heartworm test came back positive. However, a second test, run twice, was negative, so we breathed a sigh of relief. She is such a sweetheart – we love her soo much already. Thank you for letting us have her. Diane Hausser

Saturday and Sunday, 9/7-8, 2013 – Luna is a 1-1/2 to 2 year old female. She weighs about 66 lbs and is just gorgeous. Luna was a stray found in Miami. She tested HW positive and her time was up at Miami/Dade.

ABMR saved this beautiful girl, but with Florida being so overwhelmed with dogs, there was no foster home for her. Luna was pulled from animal control and placed into a kennel at a local vet while a foster home was located. There she spent much of her time in a too small cage. The vet was concerned about her spirit, Luna became scared and withdrawn. Then foster mom Terry Siess placed one of her fosters and space became available for Luna.

Luna spent 4 months with Terry. Recovering from her heartworm treatment, and finding the joy in life again. She has been playing with 5 other friends on 5 acres, and has been such a joy to be with. A true Malinois by heart. She travels well, loves to be hugged and kissed. Has a herding drive. She is an absolute eye catcher! Luna, now healthy and happy, became available for adoption after her treatment and after much discussion, a forever home was found for Luna, almost 1200 miles away.

The route sheets were prepared and the posting began for drivers to help Luna get to her new home. Luna spent 2 days on the road. It wasn’t easy leaving Terry and her home of 4 months, but the caring, wonderful drivers over those 2 days comforted her thru the stress of transport.

Our gratitude to drivers Robert and Eileen Burnett, Karen Alderson, Judith Weaver, Christopher Murphy, Bonnie Kisko, Kim Cooper Smith, Beckie Haughton, Amy Childre, Carol and Pud Mudd, Lauren St. Claire, Susan McQueeney, Dawn Schneider, Jennifer Royce, Derek Pattison and Emily Wolfe. Thank you also to Lauren for providing an overnight for Ms. Luna. Luna obviously enjoyed herself and the accommodations.
Congratulations to Luna and the Wolfe Family!

Update! 1 week after transport Luna is settling in nicely. We wish her happy, healthy, adventure-filled days ahead.
Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, August 10, 2013Monty is a 17 month old male pulled from a shelter in northern Wisconsin by the O’Malley family and held for transport down to the Bigelow family in northern Illinois for fostering. Monty is a tall skinny boy with a good personality, a little timid around strangers but a very calm soul. He has found an adoptive home with long-time volunteers for ABMR in Pennsylvania.

Thank you to foster homes Mary and Mike O’Malley and Bonnie and Craig Bigelow, to drivers Bonnie and Craig Bigelow, Etsuko Dlouhy, Paul Jayko, Vikkie Lewis, Kirstie Humes, overnight hosts and drivers Jodi Rummel and Mike Greiser, “Sandy” Stevens and driver/adoptive dad Doug Gitt.

It was an excellent run and Monty did very well on transport. He has a wonderful home now and nothing but bright skies, a full food bowl, dog buds to play with, a mom and dad who adore him and lots of great adventures ahead of him.

Thank you to everyone who participated in rescuing Monty – thanks to your efforts, he is exactly where he should be. Doug and Anne – congratulations!
Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Briggs was pulled from an animal shelter in Tennessee. He had been waiting for a foster to step forward and this young boy was now having difficulty dealing with boredom in a kenneling facility. How wonderful when Vikkie Lewis of Toledo stepped up and offered to foster Briggs. It was finally his turn. With the help of Amy Bryant, a GSD rescue volunteer, he had been moved to a temporary situation in a kenneling facility outside of Knoxville where he could get more exercise. He was more than ready to catch that ride north!

Briggs was a skinny boy in definite need of groceries and a foster home so that we could see what he was all about – someone to love and care for him.

Our heartfelt thanks to Amy Bryant, his guardian angel while in TN and who drove the first leg of transport, and to drivers David Parenti, Faith Finchum, Kristina Pattison and driver/foster mom Vikkie Lewis.

Please watch the website for further information on Briggs. He is putting on weight and flourishing, and will soon be looking for his forever home.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Sarge is a big guy, 8 to 9 years old and is HW+. He has been with foster mom Becca Shouse in NC and is now headed to his new foster home in Maryland with Theresa Matarazzo, where he will begin HW treatment.

We had originally planned to go a week earlier on standard transport, which had filled with offers from Laura McAteer, Carrie Terbush, Tami Hassett and Jessica Rambo, but due to possible high flight risk, foster mom Becca decided to drive north and meet foster mom Theresa who then received Sarge and returned home.

Sarge made the trip well and is now home with Theresa and his new bestest buddy – Bounce! He has probably already begun treatment. Watch the website for more information on this handsome guy once he completes his treatment and is ready for adoption.

Thank you to all the drivers who volunteered and to Theresa and Becca for fostering. We wish you best of health Sarge and a wonderful, bright future.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

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