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Thurs, Fri and Sat – July 11, 12 and 13, 2013 – Hero has been with foster mom Terry Siess and undergoing HW treatment. He is now nearing the end of his treatment and has been okayed for travel to his foster home in Indiana. That’s 1,275 miles – a very long way to go. Foster mom Lisa Doan is awaiting his arrival and the last in the series of shots for his treatment.

An offer from Brian Smith out of Orlando is received – they are headed out on vacation and can bring him from Orlando to me in northern Illinois. Thanks to the efforts of foster mom Terry Siess, Sara Gagliardi and Doug Kramer, Hero makes his way to meet up with Brian in Orlando. After early departure and a straight thru ride, I met Brian and Hero in northern Illinois where Hero and I then departed to meet Lisa in Lockport IL, for the final leg of his trip home to South Bend.

Miracles do happen – they happen every day and you see them in the eyes of dogs such as Hero. Keep all these warriors in your thoughts at night for safe travels as they do what needs to be done to rescue.

Thank you to Terry for fostering and driving, to drivers Sara Gagliardi, Doug Kramer and driver/foster mom Lisa Doan, and to Brian for sharing his back seat with Hero for 1,271 miles. Brian said he was such a good traveler they had to wake him up to walk him.

Update – Hero has had his final shot and is doing very very well with Lisa. He is one handsome big boy!

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Finn is a very sick little guy and needed to be moved from a vetting facility in southern Florida to our State Coordinator Sara Flynn Kramer in the Orlando area asap. The following note is from Sara!

Cindy Richards – who at the last second had to rent a car!

Bob and Eileen Burnell – Bob accidently forgot to go to work today.

Josh Stern – Brought some bedding for Doug to use since I thought he wasn’t going to be able to get to Melbourne AND donated a crate.

Doug Kramer – For bringing him home and accepting the fact that there is yet another dog at the house

We know it will be a long, uphill battle for little Finn to regain his health but Sara will be right there with him every day. Thank you all for stepping out of the daily events of life to save this little guy and get him to the help he needs.

Lin Karrels/ABMC Transport Coordinator

Sunday, June 30, 2013 – Feisty was rescued by Denise Williams who owns a kenneling facility in KY. She contacted ABMR for help in placement and so Feisty was coming into rescue. Now to get her to her foster home in upstate New York.

As you can see – this adorable little munchkin tremendously enjoyed her ride with all her transport angels watching over her. She traveled very well and made friends with everyone along the way – kisses were her way of saying thank you!

Thank you to Denise for saving this little one and to the Traina’s for fostering her. I think the pictures say it all…

Thank you for all the drivers who made this trip possible for Feisty. We all know that this is the optimum age to set those wonderful habits in place and she so needed to be to her foster home as quickly as possible. Thank you to drivers Denise Williams, Chris Puls, Carrie Morrow, Jeanne Demyan, Debbie Sacerich, Rej Pfaff, Debby Meder, Adam and Jeannie D’Ambrosio, Melissa Robar and Catherine and Robert Traina.

We had quite a few new drivers on this run – I hope you enjoyed your time with Ms. Feisty and will consider transporting again in the future. There is a tremendous need for transport drivers – rescuing involves a lot of people and everyone is essential to the plan.

Update from foster home: Feisty is now Abhaya. She is still a crazy puppy. Getting into trouble. She has ripped up some carpet and a bunch of boxes. She loves to chase bugs. Abhaya is food driven. Not too much on ball yet. She tries to get my 3 year old foster to play but she acts like a 10 year old. My mal is 5 and plays with her. She is learning to sit, wait. We are starting to do obedience soon. She sleeps till 6:15 every day. No need for alarm clock. Robert Traina

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, August 17th, 2013 Chloe is a 7 +/- month old female who was pulled from a south Florida shelter and short-term fostered by Declan Ramcharitar. Declan did a wonderful job getting this girl medically stable and ready for transport to SC where a foster home is awaiting her arrival.

This run probably filled faster than any we have had in recent years and a huge thank you to Chloe’s drivers who had a wonderful time moving Chloe north. She was very lucky and shared close to 350 miles with a single driver – Matt Larson.

Heartfelt thank you goes out to temp foster home Declan Ramcharitar, drivers Bob and Eileen Burnell, Karen Alderson, Matt Larson, Annie Manchester, Elizabeth O’Connor and driver and foster mom Ellen Pauly.

I’ve seen FB postings this morning and it certainly appears that little Chloe has blended right into Ellen’s pack and is having a great time. Watch the website for more information regarding Chloe and her adoption status. She is one great little pup!!

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, August 3, 2013 – Luke and Grace were pulled together and have been resting in a facility in the Columbia SC area. Grace is sweet and outgoing, poor Luke was marked for death and rescued in the nick of time. He is withdrawn and malnourished. Rescued by State Coordinator Janet McSwain, the “kids” now need a ride to their foster homes in the north.

The plan is to move them both north together to the Harrisburg PA area where Luke’s temporary foster family awaits him. Grace will overnight with them and then on Sunday head to the Pittsburgh area to her foster family.

Now enters the amazing team that gets these babies on the road towards their foster homes, recovery and adoption. A HUGE thank you to drivers Annie Manchester, Lea Dwyer, Patti Bishop, Rachel Stines, Martha and Rod Paschal, Angela McCalla, Eric and Jane Couser and foster dad and driver Doug Gitt. The Sunday drive team for Grace included Doug, Dolores Brigham, Janet Baker, Wanda Little and drivers and foster family Jodi Rummel and Mike Greiser.

They braved the insanity of I-81 on a weekend and made it thru barely losing 1 hour of travel time on Saturday. New drivers Rachel Stines and Martha and Rod Paschal were on this run and we hope to see them many many times again in the future.

Luke has been to the vet and is suffering from worms (quickly dispatched) and malnutrition but is starting to come around and act like the young pup he is.

Grace is settling in wonderfully with Jodi and Mike and their Malinois Armeera – they are great playbuds!

We wish Luke and Grace all the wonderful adventures and perfect adoptive homes we know are in their futures – all because someone cared, because those wonderful drivers took time out of their weekend to make it happen for them…. because their wonderful foster homes made room and time! An amazing team!!!!

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, July 20, 2013 – Krystal was picked up as a stray in northern Illinois. A staff member with the shelter immediately recognized that she was a Malinois and contact was made with Malinois Rescue. A foster home was located and arrangements made to pick Ms. Krystal up and transport her to southern Illinois.

I picked Krystal up late in the afternoon. I met our contact at the shelter, Carol, and took a short tour of their wonderful facility. All the pups at the Humane Society were busy greeting me as I walked by the kennels. Barks and wagging tails. Then there was Ms. Krystal, calm on her karunda bed. She ran up to the door and did a full body lean for some pets. What a beautiful girl, soooo social, soooo eager for attention. Very relaxed – just beautiful. She is a recent spray so no play today, but we did see lots of nice interest in a tennis ball and tug.

Thanks so much to Carol and staff at the Friends Forever Humane Society who took such wonderful care of Krystal. Thank you for contacting us and we will do our best to keep you updated on her adventures.

Thank you to Krystal’s transporters, Tracey Woodward and Michelle Phillips, who did such a wonderful job getting her down to Springfield, and to foster Tina Johnson for opening her heart and home to Krystal.

So if you are looking for a social, elegant, sweet female – definitely watch for her posting on the website. She is just a delight!

Lin Karrels ABMC Rescue Transport Coordinator

June 29, 2013 – Magnolia TX to Las Cruces NM Dexter is a 6 month old male Malinois. He has been patiently waiting with Tammy in Magnolia for a foster home to open up for him. Lauren Lindquist has offered to foster him, but he is a long way from Las Cruces, New Mexico. It will take a miracle to get him there. But miracles happen every day in rescue.

Today two pilots, members of the Pilots’n Paws organization, are making it happen for Dexter. He will be departing Pearland on Saturday, so Penny Winegartner heads up to Magnolia to retrieve Dexter and bring him down to Houston for the night. Bright and early they meet Pilot Wade Roberts at Clover Field.

Wings up early, weather is good, and they are headed to meet Pilot Ralph Scargill and wife Renee in San Angelo TX. They will be flying Dex for the next leg of his first class ride into Las Cruces.

Lauren is on the ground to meet them in Las Cruces but weather is very, very hot,
too hot for pictures on the tarmack, but our boy has had a lovely ride.

Heartfelt thank you’s to Tammy in Magnolia for making room for Dexter until a foster home could be found, to Penny for making the trip to Magnolia and overnighting him, to Wade Roberts who flew Clover Field to San Angelo (and Dan I believe made the trip with them), to Renee and Ralph Scargill for San Angelo to Las Cruces leg of the journey and to Lauren Lindquist who has opened up her home and heart to Dexter.

I am sure this is just the beginning of many new experiences and adventures for Dexter. He should be up on the adoption page shortly so watch for this boy.

PnP – you guys ROCK!

Lin Karrels ABMR Transport Coordinator

Sunday, June 30, 2013 – Keno was an owner surrender. The family had horses, chickens, a pot bellied pig, and three dogs, one of whom was Keno. They had been given a young billy goat who had butted the 6 yr old daughter to the ground. The child was screaming and crying and Keno came over, grabbed the billy and held him until mom showed up. He didn’t hurt the billy, no broken skin, no puncture wounds, but for some reason the owner thought he might attack her new foal, so wanted to get rid him.

The family gave him to a neighbor who wanted a watch dog. After a month of lousy food, bald spots, dry itchy skin, and loaded with fleas, he was returned to the family who then contacted the local animal control and said they wanted to surrender a Malinois. Wendy Hines was called by AC and she arranged to meet Keno. Wendy thought he was a great senior dog, and decided to take him home right then and there to foster. At the vet it was discovered he was HW positive, with a low titer, so he was started on doxycycline for a three week course along with Ivomec.

Wendy also began adding coconut oil to his food to see if his skin would improve! It took awhile, but all his hair grew back, soft and beautiful, his energy returned (not that there is much of it) and his eyes brightened. Keno wouldn’t go play with Wendy’s girl, but would just follow her around the yard, and then come back into the house and head for his crate without a word from her. He was happy to just be with someone. He has been such an easy keeper, and his only drive is for his chow!

Many folks were interested in adopting Keno, but because he is such a low drive boy, we were waiting for just the right home to appear.

Many, many heartfelt thanks to Wendy Hines for rescuing, fostering and transporting Keno, and to drivers Deb and Doug Brown, Beckie Haughton, Lucia Carr, Suzianne Painter-Thorne and her husband Nathan, Christina Sterbling and Andrea Cartier. What a wonderful team – great communication and keeping to timing. Thank you for making it possible for Keno to have the home he deserves.

And to Jean… thank you for adopting this wonderful boy… I do believe you were just waiting for each other.

And Jean notes after Keno’s arrival… “Yes, there is a wonderful dog here now. He is everything Wendy said he was. He is a calm well-behaved gentleman. We all are beginning to settle down, everyone surely must be tired so it’s quiet time. I thank all those many people who made this possible. Just an unreal experience. Truly a network of angels and I am so pleased with my boy.”

I see many, many wonderful times spent in their beautiful home on top of a mountain in Georgia. Congratulations Jean and Keno on finding each other.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, June 29, 2013
Bella came into rescue after being repeatedly attacked by the other dog in her home. She has some scars on her back legs but she is an absolute love bug. She loves to play with other dogs but is happiest snuggling with her people.

Bella’s journey has brought her in contact with many wonderful people – our thanks to Brydon Christianson for short-term fostering her and transport, to drivers Meagan Ference, Susan Rames, Stacie Hurst, Mary Brady, Shelby Vohsen and Taylor Haywood, and to fosters Shayne and Micki Lubbers for meeting her in Kansas City and fostering her.

Bella handled transport with dignity and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her ride. She was a grand lady for 2-1/2 years old and has made friends along the way with everyone. Watch for her to appear on our adoption page, she does it all and with grand style. Beautiful girl!

We are wishing Bella many, many wonderful adventures in the future.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

June 14, 2013 Little Sassy turned up at the shelter in Paris TX, around 4 months old, cute as a button and sassy as all get out (which earned her the name). She was surely being watched over because Rescue was immediately notified and Carla at the shelter took a special interest in her, keeping her safe until we could find a way to get her from Paris down to Conroe and into boarding with Tammy while we made arrangements for a foster home. We posted to Pilots n Paws and immediately got a response from Pilot n Paws pilot Alex Fox who met Carla and Sassy at the Paris Airport and flew her down to Lonestar in Conroe. She will soon be making the trip to her foster home. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in getting Sassy into rescue and taking such good care of her along the way!

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/Malinois Rescue

June 2013 Sandy’s story and transport almost didn’t happen. We were NOT at MDAS to pull Sandy. We were there to pull Ivy, who turned out to be mix and already out to another rescue. Sandy had been back in an isolation area. She was found as a stray, but was a day past her hold time, and had an upper respiratory infection. That, combined with a holiday weekend, when shelters frequently put down their sick animals who are past their hold time so that they can run on reduced staff, meant her status was extremely critical.

Everything had happened in a blur on that Thursday. We were working towards bringing Ivy into rescue but needed a place to hold her, and really needed a foster. I knew Bridgitte and Jason Bailey had been looking for a dog to foster for a long time. Bridgitte wanted to foster Ivy, but we still had no place to hold her until we could get her to Maryland. Then about 9 a.m. I saw an email from Sara saying that Terry Siess would short term foster Ivy, if we were able to get her. I remembered that one of our FB members, Greg Becker, said he was going to Miami on Thursday and could help. He said he was on his way, for business, and would make the shelter his last stop. Sara got hold of Carola to ID Ivy for us and Carola headed to the shelter to meet up with Greg. They were to meet at 1. Meanwhile, I called Terry and began to set up that hand off.

Right before Greg got to the shelter, Sara sent word that Ivy was a mix and already out of the shelter. It is at this point that Sandy’s story becomes not one of tragedy, but that of a miracle. Carola decided to go to the shelter anyway as she was almost there. I sent word to Greg, and asked him to go by anyway as well. By the time he got there, Carola had seen Sandy, ruled her a Malinois and Sara had shifted gears to pull Sandy. I contacted Bridgitte and Terry and told them we had switched dogs.

Carola pulled Sandy, handed off to Greg, who took the girl up to Terry. There she recouped for a week, and then began the next transport to her foster in Maryland. Thursday was definitely a crazy wild time, with a lot happening at once and many many key people involved at the drop of a hat, but it all came together smoothly and had a happy ending for Sandy. ABMC Rescue State Coordinator Janet McSwain

Transport was pulled together quickly but we still struggled to fill the last few legs. Many, many thanks to short-term foster mom Terry Siess, drivers Mitch Rieger, Bob and Eileen Burnell, Chris Rakauskas, Megan White, Bea Moyer, Jennifer Hardy, Tasha May, Mark Eckels, Rose Hershman, Lorelei Shipke (who also overnighted Sandy), Laura Jane Davis and Bobbi Jo, Maury Mills, Emily and Kyle Davidson, Maria Moreno, Janice McDonough and Jason and Bridgitte Bailey., and to Stacey Santarone who contributed funding towards transport to help fill that one last leg.

It indeed took many people, in just the right place, at just the right time, to make all of Sandy’s dreams come true – we are so happy you all were there. Sandy is dong very well in her foster home with Jason and Bridgitte. She is an excellent, easy going girl who we are sure will find the absolutely right home very soon.

Thank you to Sara Flynn Kramer and Janet McSwain for bringing it all together and to everyone who participated in saving this precious girl – you are all amazing rescue angels and you all look like you had a wonderful time making it happen for Sandy!!!

Lin Karrels Malinois Rescue Transport Coordinator

May 2013 by Mo Dixon I get a call from Jan Banks in North Carolina asking me if I was still going to Gettysburg. I said yes, why? She asks if I could transport a dog up there. I said yes, as long as they could get the dog to Knoxville So, I agreed to transport Sonny to Gettysburg so that he could go to Mary Frances for evaluation. Our top notch travel coordinator Lin Karrels worked out the details. Sonny was to go from South Carolina to Jan Banks in North Carolina, transporting to Tennessee where Diana Thompson was to pick him up and bring him to me. This was to be the Sunday of May 5, I was to keep him overnight and then off we would go driving.
Jan gets a call on April 28, that the Jim Beernic who was transporting Sonny from South Carolina was waiting for her. He got the wrong day and had to go back and come up again on Sunday, May 5. Keep this in mind because it is the portent to nothing going according to plan.

May 5 arrives. I am about ready to go and color my grey hair something other and the phone rings. It is Diana. She has had a hit and run accident and cannot pick up Sonny, can I get him. I said certainly. Are you ok? She said the back end of her car was smashed, and she had lost her Belgian Rescue stickers. I repeated my question, and she finally said yes, she was just really angry because she and I had planned to meet and she was looking forward to tea. I said as long as you are ok. I told her to take care of herself and the car business, I would do the rest and call Lin and Jan to tell them of the change of plans.
Several phone calls later, I was off to pick up Sonny. We had heard that he might be aggressive and some other things. I get to the pick up. And Jan says he will bark and growl when you put him in his crate, so be careful. I thought to myself, who wouldn’t? But, I did take Jan’s warning seriously, and she said he didn’t seem to have any “manners”, which I also took seriously. Jan and I chatted a bit and then we loaded Sonny in my car for the ride home.
Sonny was very underweight. He was 60 lbs and I think should have been closer to 70 lbs. I got him home and let him have a good run in the yard. He is kind of quirky looking with one ear up and the other flops. But he was loving, showed no signs of aggression, and came when called. But boy, did he have fun running!! While in the house, Sonny displayed all the signs of a young curious Mal. He was into everything and everything went into his mouth. He wants to be doing whatever you are doing, such as brushing my teeth, Sonny wanted to help by snitching the toothpaste tube. And, of course, he turned out to be an excellent pick pocket by snatching the plastic poop bags out of my back pocket. He loved to play. And batted the tennis ball at home all over the house. He loved to cuddle.
He did have irritable bowel and I am sure that was because of stress. But while in the crate in the bedoom at night, he was very good to tell me when he had to go out.
Before we left on Monday morning, I took him over for a quick eval by my niece, who raises Mals. Sonny popped out of the crate and jumped up into her arms for a hug and a pet, smiling and tail wagging a mile a minute. She looked at me and said “What aggression? He just needs some training and discipline. He should be fine.” I thanked her and off we went.

Now, it was raining. It rained for the entire day and half drive up there. I stopped frequently about every hour to hour and a half to let me have a break, but mostly for Sonny, as he was in a medium sized crate and I wanted him to stretch and walk frequently. On our first stop, he charged the door a bit, and I said sit. He sat in the crate and I reached for the door, he came forward, I gave the sit command again. He sat. Then I opened the door and put his collar on. I did this procedure twice, and he learned that he had to wait for the collar and leash. He is very smart and learned very quickly. And he would then wait every time. Although, he did bark and announce his displeasure at going back in the crate.
As I walked him around the various “pet areas” (always picking up after), he was very calm (no aggression), but obviously had lots of energy. So I would run with him a little and he was just a big teenager. I fed him handfuls of food frequently instead of just two large meals, and he was happy as a clam. Sonny viewed other dogs at a distance, but didn’t show any particular interest in them, or other people. He was incredibly well behaved.
As you can imagine, by the time we got to the hotel, we were both soaking wet. We dried off, ate, and played. I had brought a purple octopus, a tennis ball, and a small blanket for Sonny to play with. He was so funny. Play with octopus, then ball, then get ball wrapped in blanket and try to roll it around the floor, at one point he had the octopus in his mouth and was using his two front paws to bat the tennis ball. He made me laugh!!
We started out the second day, Tuesday, May 6. Again pouring rain. And again, stopped frequently for leg stretching. On one occasion, while walking Sonny in the “pet area”, a woman started to approach us from a distance. Sonny stood next to me alert, ears up, and as she kept coming he barked. He didn’t charge, he didn’t attack, he simply alerted. Good boy, Sonny. He got a treat and we meandered away.
We get to just south of Hagerstown, which is were we are to meet Mary Frances. I call Lin. Apparently another change in plans. Bring Sonny to Gettysburg, Lin is going to take him and then meet Mary Frances in Frederick. Ok.
A couple of hours later, I meet Lin, give her Sonny (who by this time I was contemplating keeping …. It doesn’t take long with me), and off she goes. Lin gets about halfway there, and gets a call from Mary Frances who says she’s in Gettysburg and will pick him up there. Sonny’s transport plans have been fluid if nothing else!
I understand he was so happy to see Mary Frances and her husband. I miss the boy already and am awaiting news of how he is doing.
Sonny is going to make someone a wonderful addition to their home. Good luck, Sonny!!

A huge thank you to Jim, Jan and Mo for getting Sonny safely to Pennsylvania to meet up with Maryfrances. As you can see – he is having lots of fun and getting lots of exercise. Diana – hope things worked out with the insurance and you are back on the road again – WITH the magnets on the back!

Lin Karrels
ABMC Rescue Transport Coordinator

May 14, 2013 Around midnight Tuesday evening (May 14), several coordinators got a notification of a dog with an injury in a Georgia shelter needing a commitment by 4 pm on Wednesday or he would be euthanized. This was a cross posting from a woman in Portland, Oregon who just tries to help shelters throughout the country find rescues for dogs that are to be euthanized.

Pictures confirmed Mal, but we knew nothing more about him except that he seemed very frightened.

I picked up the email until mid morning on Wednesday, and some other coordinators (Tracey) had already started looking for solutions for that boy. As is typical in these urgent cases, many folks work many angles and we start putting about 3 plans into motion and see which one gels first.
We had a temp foster offer in GA from an approved foster home but it was several hours from the shelter and would not be able to get the dog until later in the week. We also had an offer from a foster applicant, (a friend of one of our coordinators, Katrina Kardiasmenos) whose application was almost approved. She worked at a vet’s office and had experience – with a mal we knew little about, I was looking for someone who had worked with many different types of mals.
There was FB frenzy (in a good way) and emails flying, and just staying on top was admittedly a challenge. Other offers came in from folk who worked at UGA vet school to temp hold and have his eye looked at. But again, transport and hold were the issues. We were getting excellent advice though about collars and walking, to avoid further damage to the eye.

But between all these various options, we felt that we would be able to pull it together and I called the shelter to put the hold on the, as yet, nameless dog. I also called the shelter volunteer who would be able to pull to confirm that we would take him. The shelter was willing to hold him overnight, and we had until Thursday to get him out.

We all worked into Wednesday evening. Val, Dana and Julie also got the foster, Hillary, in NC approved, with Erica Haverty doing the home visit Wednesday night. I worked on transport, seeing if we could get it arranged for Thursday. It was more complicated by the fact that the shelter is only open half days on Thursdays. And of course people have jobs. That’s when transport was turned over to the pros – our own Lin. However it was still unclear when he would be going. I arranged for the shelter volunteer to pull him on Thursday, to get him safe, and take him to her vet for overnight boarding.

CJ offered to drive all the way to GA, which actually became AL where the boarding vet was. Friday was most convenient for her. Lin got the transport from Columbia, SC to Fayetteville, NC filled for Saturday. Only that 1st leg was “open”, though Cj was willing to drive that if needed. That’s when I contacted Melissa to ask her to do that one – I just didn’t want Cj having to drive again if it could be avoided. So on Thursday, about 3 p.m., Gail Posey, the shelter volunteer, pulled him and took him to her vet across the line in AL. Then Friday, Cj drove 10 hours to pick him up and take him to her house. On Saturday, he was off again, on a 4 (I think) leg trip to his foster mom.

Cj and everyone involved with him have reported that the dog, now named Willie by his foster Mom, is very sweet, soft and just happy to be out. He has many challenges ahead as we deal with his eye, and have him neutered and fully vetted (something that impoverished shelter in GA does not do), but with support from this community and the love of his foster Mom, we think he will do just great, and be an awesome companion for someone in the very near future.
Janet McSwain/GA State Coordinator/ABMCR

A huge thank you to the transport team – CJ Landry, Melissa Poage, Dean Bain, Ken Johnson and Hillary Daly – who came together so quickly to get this boy moved to his foster mom. He is doing very well, is relaxing with Hillary and will be medically assessed early next week. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who put aside their plans to get this boy to safety and started down the road to appropriate medical attention, blossoming in his foster home and seeking his forever home. We are so grateful for you! Willie is living proof what can be accomplished when we pull together. Best wishes for a wonderful life Willie!!

Lin Karrels
ABMCR Transport Coordinator

UPDATE June 22nd 2013: Willie’s coordinator reports:

Willie had his eye check with the ophthalmologist a couple of days ago. And the news is pretty good. His eye, which we thought he might lose, is really pretty good. There is some scarring of the cornea but doesn’t seem to be affecting him at all. He can see out of the eye, and navigates just fine, and is in no pain with it. It looks pretty normal now too.

We are weaning off prednisone drops over the next few weeks and will be posting him for adoption next week as basically he is good to go. AND he is an awesome, sweet, gentle, funny fellow. He will make someone a great companion.


Saturday, April 6, 2013 – Tasha is a 7 year old gal who is sweet as she can be…she loves to play fetch and knows sit. She was found as a stray, roaming the streets. She carried a microchip, but on contacting her owner the Humane Society was told he no longer wanted her. She had been adopted out of MDAS for use as a guard dog but she did not have the temperament for that vocation. Because of her sweet disposition, her energy and playfulness, she had quickly become a favorite at the shelter. She is very affectionate to the staff and will be very much missed…but they know she deserves a much better life.

And so on this Saturday morning with the help of her transport team, Tasha begins the journey to her foster home with Terre Hall in Panama City. Thank you to Paula and the staff at the Florida Humane Society for contacting us to get Tasha into rescue, and for the wonderful care she received there.

A HUGE thank you to Tasha’s incredible transport team – Stacy Santarone, Eileen Burnell, Rita Wolf, Karen Alderson, Ruth Stanton and Terre Hall for giving up their Saturday to get this amazing girl on the road to her future. And for all of the wonderful accessories you provided to her for her safety, comfort and enjoyment.

UPDATE: Within a day of arrival to Terre, Tasha (now known as Poppy) has wowed everyone who has met her! Terre took her along to club on Sunday where they were testing for Canine Good Citizen and on a whim a friend took Poppy thru testing and she ACED it!

We wish Poppy a wonderful future full of adventures and love… you’re proving yourself every day Poppy-CGC!

UPDATE: Applications have already started coming in for Poppy so we are very hopeful that the perfect home for her will be found soon.

Lin Karrels/ABMCR Transport Coordinator

Easter Sunday – March 31, 2013 – Bella was suffering repeated attacks by another dog in the household. The owner feared for Bella and contacted ABMC/R volunteer Maury Mills who was able to help. Bella was brought into rescue and placed in short-term foster care with Erica Haverty and her family until long-term foster situation could be worked out.

A foster was found in Dayton OH and so a plea was put out for any drivers who could help get her there. There is no easy way to get from Fayetteville NC to Dayton OH but lucky for Ms. Bella Helen Igo was attending a herding class in Sanford NC and offered her a ride north on Easter Sunday on her return home, an overnight and then additional trip north to meet up with Sandra Stealey who would take her on to Chillicothe OH where the Slavens would meet her.

Unfortunately there was a huge accident on I-77 that Sunday morning and Helen and Bella spent 4-1/2 hours waiting for the interstate to clear. They took advantage of the time and made friends with other drivers.

Thank you so much to all of Bella’s angels – State Coordinator Janice McDonough, Maury Mills, Erica Haverty and family, Chloe Wells, Helen Igo, Sandra Stealey and the Slavens family.

Bella is settling in nicely with her new peeps as you can see from these recent photos. Bella has a new family and buddy to share life with – all full of wonderful adventures.

We wish you all the best Ms. Bella!
Lin Karrels ABMC/R Transport Coordinator

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