ABMR 2014 Transports

Sheba is a 4 year old female who came into rescue after being seen on a Craigslist posting. The poster was asking a rehome fee of $100. Volunteer Angela Maddux contacted the seller and a FB friend offered to pay the $100. When Angela went to pick up Sheba the owner declined the fee and simply stated “just make sure you find her a good home”.

leaving ga

Angela fostered Sheba and that perfect home quickly appeared. It just so happened that quite recently another of Angela’s fosters, a GSD with another rescue, had gone to a home in WV and a neighbor of that adoptive home heard about Sheba and applied for her. It was a perfect fit. The home visit was done and transport was worked out, following the same route and with some of the same drivers that Angela’s GSD foster had followed a few weeks before.

rock hill handover mary

Our thanks to all the people involved in bringing this wonderful girl into rescue and getting her to her forever home – Angela Maddux, ABMR State Coordinator Janet McSwain, Cheryl (who offered to cover the fee had it been necessary and without whose offer things could have turned out very differently for Sheba) and drivers Angela Maddux, LisaMarie Fillipazzo, Janet McSwain, CeeCee Sheppard, Mary Boltz, Christine Sigmon, Lea Dwyer, Russell Shrewsbury, Debbie Jarvis, Ila Kerns and adoptive mom Linda Robinson.

are you my mom

You just never know the road you will follow, but everything fell into place for Sheba and she is such a lucky girl. We look forward to hearing about all her adventures, all because of some very wonderful people who didn’t walk away.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, March 15, 2014 – Roscoe is a 12+ month old male Malinois who came into Rescue in Florida in 2013. He was very ill when brought into rescue but under the watchful eye of Foster Mom Terry Siess he recovered and in December of 2013 made the trip to his long-term foster home in Indiana with Julie Codding and family. There he blossomed into a wonderful young male, gaining weight and confidence. The videos that Julie posted to FB showed a happy youngster who was discovering the joys of life with a family, toys and 4-legged playmates.

handsome roscoe

julie and roscoe one last hug

Effi Kapoulis and Larry MacLean, who had previously adopted from ABMCR, became aware of him and contacted Julie with questions about Roscoe, and that wonderful match was made.

roscoe in gaston

Today Roscoe is headed from Indiana to Detroit where he will cross the border to meet his forever family. Life could have been so very different for Roscoe – but because of the dedication of his foster families, ABMR Coordinator Sara Flynn Kramer, and the wonderful drivers who helped Roscoe on his journey today… Pam Tracy, Kristine Krummen and Lois Taylor… he is one very happy pup with his very own family. These pictures were possible because Terri, Julie, Pam, Kristine and Lois gave of their time and resources to help this boy reach his new life. Special thanks to Lois who transported Roscoe through customs at the Canadian Border. You are all such amazing, caring people, and so so very necessary in the world of rescue. THANK YOU!!!


Larry, Effi, Yukon and Roscoe – wishing you many, many years of incredible adventures to share.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Jessie is a beautiful 2 year old female who was originally brought into ABMR when found to be wandering the streets of Miami. She is a fun loving, happy girl and today her she made the ride to her forever home. Back at the beginning of January she was transported to Missouri, to her foster home with Tina Skiver and the search for the perfect home for her began. That perfect home turned out to be with Suze Frentz and her family in South Dakota.

jessie w lea and brian

jessie lea and brian standing

Jessie loves riding in the car and she certainly seems to have enjoyed her trip north. After posting for drivers, we received a wonderful offer from Lea and Brian McCandless to transport Jessie from Kansas City all the way to Sioux City Iowa to meet her family – how wonderful for Jessie to get practically a straight-thru ride.

All of our heartfelt thanks to foster Tina Skiver, ABMR State Coordinator and driver Taylor Haywood who transported from Osage Beach to Kansas City, to Lea and Brian McCandless who took on that 225 mile leg, and to driver and new forever home Suze Frentz and family.

jessie new fam better

Best wishes for a very wonderful life Jessie!! You’ve earned it!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Friday, March 7, 2014 – Pretty Lauren, a 7 year old female Malinois has been waiting at The Dog House in Pompano Beach, waiting for ABMR Foster Coordinator Julie Bear to find her a foster home. And, once again, Julie has found that very special place for Lauren, a place for her to grow and blossom, to find out what she is all about. Brett Walker is that new foster dad and he is eager to receive Lauren.

Timing is short but plans are made and on Friday morning Lauren departed Pompano Beach with Kay, headed to Ft. Pierce to meet up with Doug, then on to Ocala where Brett is waiting to meet her and take her north to Georgia and home.

It was a long trip but Lauren did very well and quickly selected the best spot in the house to “settle in”. Thank you so much to Julie Bear, Kay Wright, Doug Kramer and Brett Walker for giving Lauren the chance she needs for the life she is dreaming of.

lauren settling in

Lauren should be up on the website for adoption in a few weeks, after Brett has had ample time to evaluate her so that we can locate the perfect home for Lauren. We wish Lauren and Brett many excellent adventures.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, February 8, 2014 – Tango has been fostered for the past 12 months by Bridget and Michael Russell in Woodstock GA. They have been searching for the perfect home for him and they have finally found it. They describe Tango as a sweet boy, a little shy at times, who likes to give hugs and is very gentle when accepting treats.

bridget and michael with tango in monteagle

tango and savannah backseat riding

He is headed to his forever home outside of St. Louis, Missouri. There is another Malinois, also an ABMR rescue, in the home, who is just waiting for a buddy to play with.

jan and tango

Transport filled fairly quickly and we watched the weather as Saturday approached. Cold… snow… yup, it’s February! The Russell’s drove the first 2 legs of Tango’s transport and while it was very difficult to let him go, they knew it was the road he needed to travel and they had prepared him well for this trip. They had snow on the first few legs but the roads are good and they made excellent time, actually arriving to final meet site almost 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Tango’s angels are foster parents Bridget and Michael Russell, drivers Jan Saylors, Sarah Karafa, Savannah Schue, Gary Hettler, Bruce Cohn and new adoptive family Chris and Parmelee Fehnel. You can tell by all the beautiful smiles that Tango was enjoying his trip – it was almost as if he knew he was going home.

On meeting his new family at the last meet site, Tango immediately jumped up on his new mom and gave kisses – “Hi mom, it’s me, I’m finally here!”

tango and savannah in paducahsaran and tango in oak grove kytango and bruce in caseyville

tango and chris and parmelee in caseyville

Tango’s new buddy, Brava, is waiting at home for Tango to arrive. Thank you so much to everyone who made this day possible for Tango and his new family. We wish him a wonderful life!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday and Sunday, November 16 and 17, 2013 – Lovey is a 7 month old female who is headed from boarding on intake, to her foster home with Paige Tate in McLean TX. Cynthia is taking the first leg from Magnolia to Denton, and overnighting Lovey. Lovey will then continue on the next day with Lisa and Paige.

lovey pretty girl

Cynthia is a first time driver for ABMR. We urge all drivers to pass along their observations so that the receiving home has a chance to prepare. Cynthia wrote a wonderful report and I thought all potential drivers might benefit from what she experienced …

“She’s a cutie that’s for sure! My mom came along to be navigator (and hand me cookies :-) ) and we got an early start because that’s just what we do and you never know what’s on the road ahead. We took the I-35E route through Dallas and down I-45 because I-35W through Fort Worth is torn up with construction plus a big urban redesign project was celebrating completion. We sailed south and were going to be way early when WHAM we ran into traffic headed to the Texas Renaissance Fair. So we ended up arriving only slightly early and Tammy was there to meet us.

Lovey was in the exercise yard playing with a young yellow Lab after having taken a swim in the water bowl. Tammy hadn’t had a chance to bathe her as the airline called and she ran those pups over for an early flight. So Lovey is a little on the stinky side but who cares when she is so cute. Wild, but cute! She kenneled up with minimal resistance and off we went. She settled down very quickly. No pacing or panting, no whining, just an absolute dream. We drove straight through without an exercise break for her as I was scared to try to leash her since she is a wiggle worm, and a strong one at that. She arrived at Tammy’s with a collar that looks like a hospital bracelet (no loop to hook a leash) so it was a good thing I had a spare collar with me. I’ll carry one from now on.

pretty girls

Once we got home and pulled the car around back (within the fenced yard) we opened the hatch to get her out and that’s when she started pawing frantically at the crate door. I’m sure I would do the same after 4 1/2 hours so I can’t blame her. Definitely a two-person job to keep her still and hook the leash. I will drive to tomorrow morning’s rendezvous with Lisa with the leash already hooked on.

Lovey has since calmed down and is resting quietly in her crate in the garage. Our weather is nice and mild so she will be comfortable. My impressions of her are positive. She allowed me to sit next to her on the ground while she ate and even reach out to touch her bowl. She stands on her hind legs to get a better view of the kitchen counter and garage workbench so she will be a future counter surfer unless discouraged. She’s affectionate and gives kisses but is easily distracted. I think she’s just so overwhelmed by all the new sights and smells that she can’t help herself. I’m sleeping on the sofa tonight to keep an ear on the garage. Tammy advised me to withhold food in the morning but she ate well tonight. I have the extra food and paperwork to pass on to Lisa. I’ll send photos separately. What a day! I had a blast. Call on me anytime. Cindy”

Lovey’s awesome rescue team included ABMR coordinators Paula Sherrouse and Lee Ann Doyle, Tammy McDowell at Tri-County K-9 who boarded Lovey while we searched for a foster home, and drivers Cynthia Vranesa, Lisa Leffingwell and Paige Tate who is also fostering Lovey. Everyone had positive things to say about this happy wild little girl – we wish her many adventures. Thank you, everyone, for your efforts!!

UPDATE: Lovey was recently adopted!!! Have a wonderful life babygirl!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, October 19, 2013 – Travis is a 10 month old neutered male. He is a friendly, happy, gentle but strong boy who was with Jennifer Harrison, ABMR State Coordinator for Georgia. He was headed to his foster home in Polkton NC with Matt Norris.

Travis tim and robert

travis matt and tina daughter

Travis’ Angels include – Jennifer Harrison, Timothy Conover, Tina Chiavetta and Matt Norris.

travis and matt

Thank you to all of Travis’ Angels who got him safely to Matt – Awesome team!! Don’t these pictures just say it all!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, January 4, 2014 – Rocket is a 3 year old male pulled from MDAS, having been brought in as a stray. He was moved to the Dog House in Pompano Beach for vetting and evaluation. A foster home was finally found and on January 4 he made the trip to Orlando.

rocket with wendy kaplan

rocket with tom's daughter

rocket with tom

A huge thank you to drivers Wendy Kaplan, Rita Wolf, Thomas Wilk and Sara Flynn Kramer. He was reported by the vet hospital and kenneling staff to be a very friendly boy, and he certainly was.

rocket side head

You made the difference for Rocket, a second chance at a happy life. Thank you so much!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

December 13, 14 and 15, 2013 – Briggs is a 4-5 year old neutered male. He was originally pulled in Tennessee and spent a good amount of time in a kenneling situation before a foster home was found. In August he made the trip to Vikkie Lewis in Toledo OH, where he settled in. Briggs is a fun-loving boy who absolutely loves to be around people. Vikkie took him thru obedience to put some polish on him and they continued to work with on his anxiety and excitement in meeting new people. In December it was decided that Briggs needed to move to a new foster home where they could more readily address his anxiety in being left alone.

Vikkie and briggs in upper sandusky

December 2013 was a struggle against the weather and our first attempt at transport failed. The second attempt, for the weekend of December 14 and 15, was posted and we began to fill the run. Again weather was a huge obstacle but we persisted and changed plans to fit offers.

briggs with the callanders in Columbus on dec 14 morning

On Friday, December 13, Briggs left Toledo to spend the night in Columbus with Ron and Cheryl Callander. On Saturday he traveled down to Logan OH and spent the night with Cheryl Lee. And finally on Saturday he made the trip to Fayetteville.

enjoying his bed callanders

Briggs’ angels on this trip included Vikkie Lewis (his first foster mom and driver), Ron and Cheryl Callander, Cheryl Lee, Donna Skaff, Russell Shrewsbury, Erin James Crook, Berniece Peterson, Ken and Gavin Johnson and the Kimsey family (present foster home).

cozy in logan oh

Briggs thoroughly enjoyed the attention and special treatment from all his wonderful handlers. We can’t thank you enough for braving the lousy weather and making this trip not only happen for Briggs but for making it so enjoyable for him. You were a fantastic team!!

briggs with cheryl grandson in logan

briggs at home with new foster family

Briggs has flourished in his new foster home and every day is a wonderful adventure for this big goofy boy. He dearly loves people (all sizes!!) and gets along well with others. There are frequent posting on the ABMC FB page on Briggs by his foster family. He is a very special boy and is looking for the perfect home!!

ken johnson and gavin with briggs in fayetteville

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday, January 4, 2014 – Jessie is a 2 year old female, very sweet with people. She finished treatment for Ehrlichiosis and while still painfully thin she is putting on weight beautifully. She has a foster home waiting for her in Osage Beach.

jessie with savannah

We didn’t get a lot of pictures on this run but she certainly enjoyed herself and made new friends along the way. Thank you to drivers Cathy Kushner, Savannah Schue, Linda Swoboda, Candy Thomas, Taylor Harwood, Shelby Vohsen and to foster mom Tina Skiver. We don’t have too many runs thru this area so were very happy to find some new drivers. THANK YOU!!!!

jessie in osage beach

Jessie is settling in and we should see her up on the adoption page soon – we know the perfect home is waiting for this wonderful girl! Have fun Jessie!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

December 18, 2013 – Roscoe is a 1 year old male who was in foster care with Terry Siess. He had been very ill but was now quickly recovering under her watch. A foster home was located with Julie Codding in Indiana. Terry became aware of an acquaintance who was headed from FL to Ohio and was able to take Roscoe along on his trip north. Lucky Roscoe – he had a great ride!

roscoe and sharon lafuse

Once to Ohio, arrangements were made to transport Roscoe from Columbus OH to Shelbyville IN to meet his foster mom.

roscoe meeting Julie

Our un-ending thanks to drivers Roger O’Sullivan, Sharmon Rudin, Sharon Lafuse, Mike Carrigan and Julie Codding. Thank you to Terry for once again stepping in to get Roscoe the medical care he needed and to get him stabilized for transport. Thank you to Julie Codding who is fostering Roscoe currently. We look forward to hearing of all his adventures. Thank you all so much for getting Roscoe “down the road” towards his forever home.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday/Sunday, January 4-5, 2014 – Zucca is a dark petite female, weighing in at only 40-45 lbs. She was brought into rescue after her owner could no longer keep her. She was shy and timid, afraid of loud noises and quick movement when inside the house. Outside she is happy, more confident and noises don’t bother her. She is described as a very sweet, quiet girl.

zucca with megan enjoying the ride

A foster home has been located in Virginia so a plea is put out and offers begin to come in to get Zucca home. Her run filled quickly and on Saturday morning, January 4, her journey began.

Zucca roughing it with George headed home

Zucca was doing very well, enjoying her time with each driver, and the drive was pretty much uneventful until our drivers, Jed and Joyce Perry, who had taken one exceptionally long leg of 210 miles so that Zucca could get home this weekend, got stuck behind an accident on I-95 and delayed them – but we all kept in touch and were aware of what was happening. She finally made it to her overnight in Fayetteville and then continued north on Sunday.

zucca all nice and comfy with di

A big wonderful THANK YOU to Bob and Eileen Burnell for pulling Zucca, short-term fostering her and getting her on the road Saturday morning, and to drivers Karen Alderson, Megan White , Vicky Sydorowicz, Joyce and Jed Perry, Janet McSwain, Laura Jane Davis, Ken Johnson, Edrie Greer, Donna Sees and George Van Tassel. You all did an extraordinary job and were the perfect team! Thank you so much LJ for holding Zucca overnight and the wonderful accommodations. And thank you to Laura and George Van Tassel for fostering Zucca!

zucca and george in mechanicsville

We heard wonderful things about Zucca and she did very well on transport. We look forward to seeing her on the website, available for adoption, very soon. We wish her all the wonderful things in her new life and thank all the volunteers who made it possible. Her life could have taken a much different road had it not been for you…

Ken – we will miss you – stay safe and thank you!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday/Sunday – September 28-29, 2013 – Ash is a 2 year old petite female who was pulled from MDAS in August of 2013 by Bob and Eileen Burnell for ABMR. She was a very sweet girl, covered in ticks and battling worms. The Burnell’s strongly believed she had been a breed dog and kept crated 24/7. She only wanted to be inside a crate. When approached she would drop to the ground and shiver with nervousness.

ash 1

For a month they worked on social skills only with her – taking walks, watching TV on the sofa, getting love from a family. She had come a long way – she had found her bark and had become inquisitive about her surroundings- even chasing the little lizards.

ash and oscar in fredericksburg

A foster home was found with Mark Musser and Barb Salvatoriello in Fishkill NY. 1,297 miles away. The Burnell’s worried that transport would set her back. We started posting for a ride for Ash and Cindy Richards contacted us to let us know her husband would be headed north from Homestead FL to training in Maryland and he would be happy to give Ash a ride all the way to Virginia. That meant we only needed to find drivers from Fredericksburg VA to Fishkill. Again, Ash was a very lucky girl and all plans quickly fell into place.

rod and ash on the couch in fredericksburg

Oscar picked up Ash at 4:30 a.m. from the Burnell’s and headed north – 930 miles and 15+ hours later – Martha and Rod Paschal met Oscar and Ash in Ruther Glen and proceeded home and to overnight Ash with them.

ash 3

Sunday morning they started out again with the Paschal’s taking Ash up to Fredericksburg to meet northbound drivers Lynn Medford, Ruth Stanton, Judy Iannotti, Carolyn Zimmer and finally to meet up with Mark and Barbara in New Jersey for the final let home. Wonderful reports came in from everyone as they quickly moved her north.

ash and ruth stanton

However Ash ended up in MDAS, it was from that point on that everything began to work for her. The miracles happened and she did her part. She was an excellent girl on transport and has continued to grow and become just a spectacular girl.

THANK YOU! to everyone who touched Ash on her journey – you made it all possible!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

ash 4

UPDATE: Barely 6 weeks after her arrival in Fishkill, Ash was adopted by Kathy Miko in Indiana. She has blossomed into a beautiful girl who quickly steals your heart. Mark was so taken with Ash he actually undertook the long drive from Fishkill NY to Elkhart IN to deliver Ash, another 700 miles, one way! Ash is finally home – in the perfect home for her! Congratulations Ash and Kathy!

Friday Jan 17 and Saturday Jan 18, 2014 – Lena is a 3 year old spayed female who was in a vetting facility in the Detroit MI area. She has a foster home waiting for her in Valdosta GA – 964 miles away, thru Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and the entire state of Georgia. Not a lot of drivers thru those areas but a whole lot of miles.

lena jan 17 2014 with lois departing detroit

A plea was put out to see if we could catch a driver who was headed from the upper midwest down to Georgia or Florida who might be able to take Lena along for a good part of the distance. Amazingly, Matthew Bohn was headed Dayton OH to Atlanta GA on Friday and could take her all the way down to Atlanta if we could get her to Dayton on Friday.

lena with pat

Another miracle – we received offers for Friday’s transport down to Dayton, and for the remainder of the trip on Saturday from Atlanta to Valdosta Amidst the snows of a Southern MI/Northern OH January Friday, Lena made her way down to Dayton. Lena’s Angels on Friday were Lois Taylor, Pat Kjoller and Sue Young who braved a snowstorm to get her to Matthew in Dayton by 5 p.m. After a nice little walk with Sue and a bit of a backyard break with Matthew, they loaded up and headed for Atlanta and warmer weather (although not much warmer).

lena lauren and beckie in Lenox

Matthew made excellent time and overnighted in Atlanta with Lena and his pup, Flyer. Saturday morning Lena was picked up and transported down to Valdosta with Andrea Cartier, Sue and Nathan Painter-Thorne, Beckie Haughton, and the last leg was driven by her new foster family, Caleb and Melissa Castillo.

lena and matthew in Atlanta

Lena was a sweetheart on transport and impressed everybody with her ability to curl up and take a nap. She is a quiet girl and rode very well tethered. Although it was reported that she hated crates, she loaded up for everybody and as the trip wore on she became much better at entering and exiting vehicles, etc. She took treats and met lots of new people on the ride south.

lena and pack with caleb

Thank you, thank you all so much – I wish I could give you all a huge hug. I was prepared for a couple of weeks trying to get Lena moved, but even with nasty weather, you all made it happen for her. You are an absolutely awesome team – your communication was excellent and timing was spot on! Lena has a fresh start and life is looking pretty good right now – all thanks to you and your efforts to make it happen this weekend. Melissa and Caleb – thank you for fostering Lena. Please keep us updated. We look forward to seeing her posted on the website for adoption very soon.

lena and new foster mom in lenox

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

Saturday/Sunday – January 11 and 12, 2014 – Cooper is a 7 month old male who was pulled from the Miami Dade shelter and spent some time at the Dog House in Pompano Beach while we located a foster home and transport was arranged. Everybody who came into contact with this young boy remarked what a great temperament he has. Within 2 weeks a foster home was found and transport was arranged – a 2 day/17-leg MEGA-run… WOW! The legs filled quickly and Cooper was headed to NJ.

cooper in kingsland with angela 2

While posting for drivers, we were put in touch with a rescue who was trying to move a little doxie-mix, Katie, into rescue and a foster home. She needed a ride from Pompano Beach up to St. Augustine and all our drivers were more than happy to make room for her.

katie on transport

A HUGE thank you goes out to ABMR coordinators Janet McSwain and Kay Wright who were both instrumental in getting this boy into rescue and both drove legs of transport on Saturday; to Misty Pri who was able to get Katie to us so that we could take her north and to Georgia Manley who met transport in St. Augustine to retrieve Katie;

cooper in mechanicsvilleto drivers Beth and John Arcese, Judith Weaver, Rae Chamberlain, Bea Moyer, Angela Maddux, Suzanne Mooney, Suzie Allen (who also overnighted Cooper in Charleston and drove 3-1/2 hours Sunday morning to get him to Hope Mills), Maury Mills, Sonia Schmidt, Donna Sees, Linda Goetchius, Jessica Rambo, Jason and Bridgitte Bailey, and Sara Atlas (who is also Cooper’s new foster mom).

Saturday drivers Angela Maddux, Suzanne Mooney and Janet McSwain worked thru a huge storm with tornado warnings and an accident ahead of them on I-95. Everybody did just an amazing job of keeping on time, working thru weather and traffic, long legs and one happy boy, Cooper, who took it all in stride and I swear he actually enjoyed himself.

cooper at transfer bea

What an awesome team, what an awesome dog… you will all hear more about him in the future I am sure.

cooper meets sarah

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator

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