If any of you follow the blogs, you might remember my first experience terrorizing the obedience rings of Central Kentucky. Ella was a lunging, frothing, mass of excitement. Parents snatched their children up, elderly cringed behind walkers, ring stewards ran from the scene. Large dogs cowered and small dogs hid. It was no exaggeration, she was a natural disaster looking for a place to occur.

10 months later…

This weekend we finished our CD with a 190, 193.5 and a nervous 188. She finished all three legs in just three shows, but not with out some gray hair. On the last leg she decided right when we stepped in the ring that she did not like the judge. I think he was holding his clipboard suspiciously, or so she thought. For the entire routine she never took her staring eyes off him. She didn’t miss a beat but she was vigilant. This of course made him (and me) a little nervous. When he did the stand for exam he barely touched her, she didn’t flinch or get snarky but she didn’t stop staring at him either. After the recall and she finished next to me she FINALLY looked up at me. The whole crowd burst into applause and she was so proud she forgot about the judge and started leaping into the air with joy!

I am pretty sure time stands still on the long sits and downs. I was a bundle of nerves, I just wanted the Q. Within three seconds of getting to the other side of the ring the dobie next to her stood up. Ella noticed and I could hear the gears in her little head turning. She stretched her neck over to smell and perhaps inform the dobe he was supposed to be sitting! Just when I was sure she was going to get up I used my strongest psychic powers to get her to stay. (I might have sniffed, not sure) but she snapped back into good girl mode. She took the oppurtunity to take a nap on the long down so my heart was able to recover from the sit.

She has come so far since the wild child I picked up a year ago. Stay tuned we are going to try Open in Janaury, that is if Santa sees fit to get me a set of jumps! I have been pretty good…

Colleen Dussex
Rescue Me Ella BH CD RN

Ella finishes her CD!