I would like to introduce you to my pride and joy Ella. Also known as Ellie the Gazelle, Ella Blue and Oh No!!!! I adopted her from ABMC Malinois Rescue. I don’t know if I rescued her or she rescued me. I do know life has been an adventure since she arrived in October.

The first time I went into Petsmart I thought we would be banned for life. She tried to jump everything moving and somethings that weren’t. Mothers were clutching their children and brave dogs cowered. I can’t bear to tell you what happened in the Science diet aisle. Lets just say, it happens.

So it was off to obedience school. The clutching and cowering continued but we went every week. Ella is a sponge! She wants so badly to please and to have fun. Her bat ears and determination always makes me smile. By the third week people started to talk to us. They did stay a safe distance away but they would smile meekly and nod.

By the end of the six weeks Ella was the Star Pupil. She put pizazz in her heeling. She performed every command with explosive energy. The true test came after graduation. It was back to Petsmart! The cashier saw her as she entered the doors, I could see her catch her breath in anticipation. Ella looked left, she looked right, I braced myself and she looked into my eyes with a smile and sat sweetly. Miss Ella Blue has arrived.

More to come on the Adventures of Ella