They say it rains every day in Seattle. In Florida it rains Malinois. When the Miami – Dade called about Gabe, the fosters in Florida were already bursting at the seams. There is no boarding facility in Florida that will accept a dog fresh from a shelter. The facilities are afraid of exposing the boarding dogs to a dog from a shelter that might be carrying kennel cough or have temperament issues. Even most veterinarians refuse to take in shelter dogs.

Besides Heartworm Gabe also had kennel cough, a relatively benign infection that can be easily treated. Even though Maria was already loaded with foster dogs, plus two in quarantine, she agreed to help Gabe. Maria took Gabe in, treated his kennel cough and fell in love. Who couldn’t love this Big Boy? Maria kept Gabe for three and a half weeks and he went from a thin 72 pounds to a solid 84 pounds. Without Maria Gabe wouldn’t have made it. Gabe and I thank you.

On Saturday July 26th ABMC transport brought Gabe from Homestead Florida up to me in Savannah Georgia where I went on and took him home with me in Winchester, Kentucky. I want to thank everyone involved in Tour de Malinois. It was a resounding success. I had two fantastic home visits; we moved Gabe, Rocky and Xio out of Florida. Rocky went on to North Carolina and Xio is on her way to CT. I picked up Romeo in South Carolina and he is on his way to his forever home in Wisconsin tomorrow! Whew! If people hadn’t stepped up these dogs would have been PTS. Thank you everyone. We are making a difference.

Stay tuned for stories from the trip home
Gabe's a Pretty Boy!