Boomer\'s Shelter Photo

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On this day, Sara found this poor Mal in the Miami Dade shelter and the wheels started turning. Carola went to look at him that same day. Although the shelter labeled him as “very aggressive”, he approached Carola with his tail wagging. He was even gentle with her daughter and the lady that showed him in. We were all confused as to why the shelter said he was aggressive when he just met two complete strangers with ease and even more annoyed when they wouldn’t change their opinion after seeing that this clearly is not the case. This lovely guy was worth pulling and he wasn’t going to survive more than a day in that hot and lonely shelter. We started working on a plan to save him.


Boomer was picked up from the Miami Dade Shelter today where he met me, another stranger, with his tail wagging. After we loaded him in the back of my car with no problem, he made his 2.5 hour trip to his foster home. Since the shelter said that he was aggressive I was careful, but I haven’t seen an ounce of bad temperament yet. At my house he met my parents and he was even very friendly when he met my dog Bear. He already knows sit and down and I can’t wait to see what else he knows. Right now he is starting to settle into my home laying right by me feet. He is not eating yet, but he is drinking water. This handsome boy is a lover and is definitely appreciative of given a second chance. This is the best part for me, he is clacking. It’s so cute because he has so little emotion right now, but he is clacking :) I will keep putting up new info as the days go on.


Today was a stressful day. He was finally eating a little bit, but he was not keeping it down. I thought we finally got some food in him when he kept it down for an hour, but as I was getting ready to leave, he threw up. I was in contact with Sara the whole time and we must have made a 100 phone calls. Finally the conclusion was that Boomer needed more than just food and water; he was going to need fluids under the skin and maybe intravenously. He was also going to need special food from the vet. Since I couldn’t get that stuff here, it meant that Boomer had to make it through another long trip….this time to Sara. When I got ready to load him up, Boomer even tried to jump in the back of my SUV for me, but he couldn’t make it because he was just too weak. My sis went with me to the meeting point, which once again Boomer completely enjoyed her company. When Sara pulled up and got out of her car, Boomer walked right up to her and greeted her like she was an old friend. Time was of the essence so she got her fluid and needle ready to give him some fluids right there. She proceeded to pinch the needle in this “very aggressive” dogs skin and guess what happened? …………………. NOTHING! He took it like a champ. Even when she did the same thing near his hips where it hurts. Boomer got in her car and off he went on his trip to his second foster home.


I just talked to Sara and it was good news. He got some more fluids when he got home yesterday and he was able to hold down a half a can of that special food last night and this morning. Sara also took him to the vet, where he was great. I just have to mention again that this dog was labeled “very aggressive” (just to make sure you don’t forget). He ignored the dogs in the waiting room and showed not even a lip quiver when he was probed, squeezed and checked by the vet.


Update from Sara:

We’ve been on a roller coaster and I have been VERY scared.

He has been acting like he looks. I was VERY worried last night and this morning…he was better at lunch. He came off of his food but I made some hamburger & rice which he eats…..I stopped and bought a cooked chicken to add to rice when he gets tired of the hamburger and also got some oatmeal to try. I started mixing pediolyte in with his water. We’re going to the holistic vet tonight…hope she can work some magic.


Update from Sara:

He’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accupuncture is amazing. He is ALIVE!

Bouncing off of the walls…bothering me all night..pawing me, etc., barking….whole new dog!