Boomer is still staying with Sara and updated pictures of him are on his website at


Finally the watery poop has turned to a plop. Maybe soon he’ll learn to plop outdoors :>)

I don’t even care; I’m so glad there is something thicker than water coming out.

Hoping for more plops!

Have I mentioned the ticks? I have taken hundreds and hundreds of ticks off of him. We are getting down to just finding tiny ones now…but even so… is gross gross gross and must be SO uncomfortable for him!


Boomer picked up a toy today. It made him look like a dog! He dropped it right away like he wasn’t sure what to do. He tires so easily…we have started going for very short walks…down a few houses and back. He lies down though sometimes and I’m scared to get him up to get back home. I know he needs to get a little exercise, but I don’t want to kill him. Boomer is starting to mix in with a few of our dogs, a couple at a time. He is very social, but I don’t want to overwhelm him. I’m continuing to pick off ticks from him. I look like a momma monkey with her baby going all over his fur. I would love to give him a bath but I have been afraid that he will get a chill.


Yikes, today my husband thought it would be a good idea for Boomer to just hang out with all of the dogs…he makes number 11 at the house right now. I came home from running, the back door was open, and all of the dogs were going in and out of the house. Boomer is clingy so he was with Doug, but, after apparently a very brief introduction, he is holding his own in a pretty large pack. GO BOOMER!


Bath time. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s early in the morning and I figure I can keep an eye on him all day since it’s a holiday. I lathered him three times…he still stinks :>( But, this is good for now, and he took the bath like a man! His hair actually looks a tad fluffy. When he first came here he looked like he was vacuum sealed….his skin and fur pulled down tight into the hollows of his bones. So sad.


I’m having a hard time finding ticks on him now. The bath has really helped. My husband keeps asking me when Boomer is going to get fixed. I keep telling him that not for awhile, he’s too thin and he needs his hormones to develop some muscles. He isn’t used to seeing all of that equipment back there intact. With no butt to speak of, his equipment is pretty prominent :>) Boomer is starting to go on very short walks with the other dogs. He’s smiling.


I had about a pound of sliced Muenster cheese in my hand, and I needed to do something quick, so I set it down behind my computer on the washing machine. When I came back in it was gone and I just knew it was Serena, one of my own personal dogs…who is quite a thief and chow hound. She has IBD so it is really bad if she overeats. I saw the culprit had gone into Boomer’s crate which is closest to the crime scene… head in, butt to the door, chowing down the cheese. I grabbed the dog by the belly just in front of the legs and started dragging it out…..the dog braced, held on for dear life, and when I finally wrestled the dog out, I realized that it was Boomer. I took the cheese away. He NEVER did anything or got upset with me…..had I realized that it was him I would probably have been more cautious….so…he is REALLY good.

He is learning to take treats gently…my dogs will slip food gently off of a fork offered to them, so imagine my surprise when after stuffing a bone with peanut butter for him I dipped my finger in the peanut butter and offered it to him. He grabbed my finger so hard I saw stars….he didn’t break the skin, but I did learn that I needed to work with him on “gentle” when he takes a treat!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s DAY 20 and my friend Julie is coming over to take progress photos. Boomer looks REALLY great! He is filling in, but he lacks stamina. I have to keep giving him small amounts of exercise so he can build up his strength and develop some muscle.

Look…he has a butt….and some meat on his boney bone bones!

He still has protruding hip bones and his face isn’t quite filled in….and he has NO stamina at all, but he improves EVERY day! And my oh my does he LOVE to eat!


Scare time. Boomer started puking up liquid last night and still this morning. He has held down his breakfast… lunch I checked on him again and so far so good…no more puke. I’ve talked to the vet and we’re going to worm him again for 3 days straight and start him back on his Metronitizole. Poor Boomer. He has that worried look in his eyes again.


BATH TIME again! He seems to really love getting a bath. This is Florida so his bath is outside with a hose and then a short walk to dry off. My he looks better..his coat is SO DARK!


For the first time Boomer laid on his side in the grass, stretched out, and rolled around on his back. He is definitely starting to relax…


It seems that Boomer is having a hard time not “over drinking”. Apparently he doesn’t know when to stop and this is causing his vomiting. We have been increasing the lengths of his walks, so when he gets back he drinks too much and then throws up. We will have a hard time monitoring this since we have so many dogs running around the house :>)


My husband has been really trying to get Boomer to play with him. It’s starting to work. Boomer is getting a sparkle in his eye and has started to play a little bit.


There is a Flyball tournament and an Agility Trial in town. I took Boomer down to meet the folks. Boomer did great on all counts….tail wagging continuously, unphased by it all. He was happy to meet new people, and was introduced to the concept of a treat pouch and LOVED the idea! He was a happy go lucky guy with everyone he met.


Boomer is headed to acupuncture tonight. It’s an opportunity to weigh him and I can’t wait to report in!