Ella, Erma and Max's Album Cover
My son thinks if they had a band they could use that picture for their album cover.
It’s hard to believe its been 18 days since the Florida pups came home with us. They fit into our life like a missing puzzle piece. Erma the happy whimsical dainty girl, chasing butterflies and rolling joyfully in the grass. Max the ever present masculine force, guarding the perimeter and chasing off derelict squirrels and trespassing blue jays. His bark is deep and intimidating, the loiterers in the neighborhood have moved on. He doesn’t want anyone to know it but behind closed doors he is the worlds largest lap dog. Clamoring up for kisses and hugs. Silly old bear.
Max and Dusty

We are still accident free. The nights are quiet, not a peep. Around 6:30 I can hear Max, restless in his crate, bounding outside to relieve himself, with the girls trot, trot, trot, behind. They eat anything I throw their way. Three meals a day and they are still rail thin! Max loves pizza crusts. Erma loves rawhides, but Max just doesn’t get it. He carries it around until Erma can sneak away with it for her chewing pleasure.

Ella feels like she is having an endless sleep over. She is so happy to have someone to play with but she doesn’t much like sharing her food. She has had a six inch reach advantage over any dog she has ever played with. The first day she ‘boxed’ Max on the head with her paw he returned the courtesy with out so much as blink of the eye. She was stunned! She has met her match! He is every bit as quick, strong and long as she is. They roll, wrestle, pant, and wallow to exhaustion with sweet Erma skipping by and occasionally cheering them on.

Even though I already love them more than I thought possible, I hope they both find a home where they can have their own people and find new adventures. The both have so much to give. I can’t believe they were almost lost to us.

Ella, Dusten, Erma and Max