From Raccoon’s Temporary Foster:

Raccoon is doing really well! We’re doing leash walks three times a day. Our large black cat, Otis, likes to walk along since we’re only going down a few houses each time. I’d say that he’s using his back leg the majority of the time while on walks. It appears that he uses the leg best when there a little tension on the leash. His exercises are going well – we’re up to 25 reps though he does still get agitated about them sometimes. He does prefer to pull it up when he wants to move somewhere fast.

He is really good with our cats! He’s met our 7yo female pit bull, Frances, and did just fine. We want to wait to introduce him further until we can really wear out our younger males though they’ve been meeting with a baby gate or x-pen between them and Raccoon is interested but not overly so. He’s eating well and we’ve included salmon oil and a joint supplement plus some canned food.

He’s doing well in a variety of rooms and situations. Turns out he’s a sucker for spray cheese and enjoys nylabones. We’ve gotten so that he can sleep in a giant wire crate at night in our bedroom. Frances loaned him her memory foam bed! We can leave him in a room for a couple of hours at a time when we leave and he is doing well with a large 5-foot tall x-pen while we are home but not necessarily in the same room.

He’s starting to show his headstrong side – not wanting to go where you want him to go and pushing open the bathroom door when you are in there! So we’re continuing the work Tasha did with name recognition and recall as well as some basic leash manners. H responds well to a “uh oh” and redirecting him with a treat.

The folks at Paco Collars gave him a really nice collar! I’ve attached a couple of photos!

Raccoon continues to recover

Raccoon during his recovery