Saturday and Sunday, September 21 & 22, 2013 – Bindi is a sweet, adorable little girl – a 10 month old female Belgian Malinois. We don’t know much about her early life, she was pulled from a shelter in South Carolina at a young age and has been fostered and loved by Jackie Brown in SC.

The perfect home has been found for Bindi in New York with John and Lynda Baremore. It’s another long trip, but the run and overnight quickly filled. Within a week of posting she was headed home. We knew it would be a difficult parting for Bindi – she truly enjoyed her stay with Jackie and her pack. But she troopered on accompanied by toys and reminders of home and Jackie.

Bindi was a dream on transport, quiet and well-behaved, sharing kisses as she was handed off to the next driver. She obviously enjoyed her overnight with Jessica and her family.

Can we ever say it enough? NO!!! Thank you to State Coordinator Janet McSwain, foster mom Jackie Brown and transporters Jackie Brown, Annie Manchester, Russell Raniszewski, Mia Wakham, Edrie Greer, Donna Sees, Elaine Asper, Martha and Rod Paschal, Jessica Rambo (who also overnighted Bindi), Maryfrances Betts, Jude Azaren and Sandy Redder.

Congratulations to John and Lynda Baremore on their adoption of Bindi. Best wishes for a wonderful future Ms Bindi!

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR