September 14 and 15, 2013 Champ was an owner turn-in, a 5 year old male in danger of being PTS after 24 hours per SC law. The shelter gave ABMR 2 days to get him out or he would be euthanized. We managed to get him a spot in boarding while we looked for a foster home. He was there for 4+ weeks until we could find a home with the skills needed to work with this confident boy, but his foster home is 1000 miles away and he is not doing well in boarding. He is losing weight – we need to move him fast.

Champ LOVES people and he did his best along the way to his foster home in Massachusetts to convince everyone what a great boy he is. We would like to add our thanks (to those expressed by Champ while on transport) to those wonderful volunteers who made it possible for Champ to finally get out of the boarding kennel and on to life. He knew it right from the first leg – this was exciting – this was new – this was GOOD.

Thank you so much to Jan Banks who worked with the local shelter and boarding facilities, taking him good food, playing, socializing and working with him every chance she got over a period of 4+ weeks. Thank you to the amazing drivers who transported Champ over 1000 miles in 2 days – Joan Vogt, Dianna Thompson, Connie Perdue, Bobby Arellano, Jane and Eric Couser, Jeanne Crawmer, Karen Crown Anderson, Jay and Judy Hoffman, Patty Garofano, Barb Salvatoriello and Mark Musser, Jackie Harshman and Emily Faircloth. Dianna and Connie – thank you for taking those long double legs and to Jay for overnighting Champ. Emily – thank you for opening up your heart and home to Champ – for fostering him.

Thank you to Janet McSwain who had the confidence in Champ to believe in him.

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR

Champ is doing very well. He is learning how to interact and play nice. Every day brings improvement and gets him closer and closer to that forever home we know is out there waiting for him. He is a wonderful boy!!! Did we say he LOVES people!!!