June 29, 2013 – Magnolia TX to Las Cruces NM Dexter is a 6 month old male Malinois. He has been patiently waiting with Tammy in Magnolia for a foster home to open up for him. Lauren Lindquist has offered to foster him, but he is a long way from Las Cruces, New Mexico. It will take a miracle to get him there. But miracles happen every day in rescue.

Today two pilots, members of the Pilots’n Paws organization, are making it happen for Dexter. He will be departing Pearland on Saturday, so Penny Winegartner heads up to Magnolia to retrieve Dexter and bring him down to Houston for the night. Bright and early they meet Pilot Wade Roberts at Clover Field.

Wings up early, weather is good, and they are headed to meet Pilot Ralph Scargill and wife Renee in San Angelo TX. They will be flying Dex for the next leg of his first class ride into Las Cruces.

Lauren is on the ground to meet them in Las Cruces but weather is very, very hot,
too hot for pictures on the tarmack, but our boy has had a lovely ride.

Heartfelt thank you’s to Tammy in Magnolia for making room for Dexter until a foster home could be found, to Penny for making the trip to Magnolia and overnighting him, to Wade Roberts who flew Clover Field to San Angelo (and Dan I believe made the trip with them), to Renee and Ralph Scargill for San Angelo to Las Cruces leg of the journey and to Lauren Lindquist who has opened up her home and heart to Dexter.

I am sure this is just the beginning of many new experiences and adventures for Dexter. He should be up on the adoption page shortly so watch for this boy.

PnP – you guys ROCK!

Lin Karrels ABMR Transport Coordinator