Hallie – PA to IL 530 miles

Saturday, August 24, 2013 – Hallie is a 7 year old female Malinois. She was turned in to a shelter by her owner. It appeared that she was used as a brood bitch and was not allowed to be a dog in her previous life. She didn’t know how to play with toys and was very overweight. She had no muscle tone – most likely due to prolonged confinement in a cage or kennel.

Her foster family had done wonders with Hallie to help her shed some of the weight and build some muscle tone. She is now a total love bug, happy and adores her human family. She is also very sweet with children. It’s now time for Hallie to find her forever home.

Hallie dreams of a safe, warm home with a lovely backyard to run and play in, walks around the neighborhood and a loving family to share her life. And she found that in her forever home in Illinois with Don and Diane Hausser, who are very excited to welcome Hallie into their lives. Just a few miles, 530 to be exact, now stand between her and that forever home waiting for her.

Once again, those wonderful angels of the highway step up to make dreams come true for Hallie. We wish to thank foster home and transporter Tracey Weldon, drivers Tina Roudebush, Mike Wagner, Vikkie Lewis, Deb Strayer, Margo and Jack Corey, Dianna Gill, Susan Spinhirne, and adoptive home and transporter Don and Diane Hausser. 530 miles can be impossible, but not this time. It was a wonderful run with Hallie under the care and compassion of each driver who greeted her on the next leg. She happily rolled on her back in the cool grass – something wonderful was happening….

And a big kiss from Hallie to Coordinator Carol Aulick – a thank you for giving her that second chance.

Best wishes to Hallie for a wonderful life filled with warm sunny spots to snooze in, adventures in the yard and loving hands to reassure her.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator


We still can’t believe that we have a love sponge named Hallie. She will be at the vet today, and tomorrow she will be getting a canine beauty treatment befitting our little princess. She has established the she prefers the couch and MY lounge chair. Today she explored our entire back yard. Your efforts were heroic Please call me the next time you are in the Chicago area. Thank you. Don Hausser

Hally seems to be settling in just fine. She made herself at home instantly in the house, however, she still doesn’t like to go too far away from us in the back yard. In time, hopefully, she will be adventurous enough to go out by herself and investigate her yard. She does love her walks, so we go on a couple a day. She gave us a little scare this week – her heartworm test came back positive. However, a second test, run twice, was negative, so we breathed a sigh of relief. She is such a sweetheart – we love her soo much already. Thank you for letting us have her. Diane Hausser