Sunday, September 15, 2013 Lena is a 2 +/- year old female who was discovered in a shelter in North Carolina. She is an excellent girl, very social and friendly. Patty Bishop, a local rescue volunteer, pulled Lena and for the next 5 months gave Lena a very special home, where Lena enjoyed love, companionship and safety. Lena grew and blossomed into a very sweet girl.

Lena’s adoptive home is now ready to receive her and so plans were made and run sheets posted. The route we were posting is not highly populated with drivers and I anticipated that it would not be easy to fill the legs needed to get Lena home.

But the offers came in and we ultimately filled the run – a huge thank you to road angels Patty Bishop, Russell Shrewsbury, Pat Winter, Susan and Bill Linden, Cheryl Callander, Dan Willoughby, Vikkie Lewis and Kathy Zadroga. Susan and Bill stretched out to fill in a gap and Cheryl offered her home for a much needed exercise break in Columbus.

ABMR works only because of the dedication of it’s coordinators, volunteers, foster homes and transporters. Without even one of you, rescues of wonderful Malinois such as Lena would never be possible. Never underestimate the value of your contributions to saving the life of a dog. You are all such very special people.

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/ABMR

UPDATE: Lena continues to settle in with her new family. Every day she blossoms more and more into the girl she will ultimately become. Thank you – everyone – for making this picture possible.