June 14, 2013 Little Sassy turned up at the shelter in Paris TX, around 4 months old, cute as a button and sassy as all get out (which earned her the name). She was surely being watched over because Rescue was immediately notified and Carla at the shelter took a special interest in her, keeping her safe until we could find a way to get her from Paris down to Conroe and into boarding with Tammy while we made arrangements for a foster home. We posted to Pilots n Paws and immediately got a response from Pilot n Paws pilot Alex Fox who met Carla and Sassy at the Paris Airport and flew her down to Lonestar in Conroe. She will soon be making the trip to her foster home. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in getting Sassy into rescue and taking such good care of her along the way!

Lin Karrels/Transport Coordinator/Malinois Rescue