Saturday and Sunday, 9/7-8, 2013 – Luna is a 1-1/2 to 2 year old female. She weighs about 66 lbs and is just gorgeous. Luna was a stray found in Miami. She tested HW positive and her time was up at Miami/Dade.

ABMR saved this beautiful girl, but with Florida being so overwhelmed with dogs, there was no foster home for her. Luna was pulled from animal control and placed into a kennel at a local vet while a foster home was located. There she spent much of her time in a too small cage. The vet was concerned about her spirit, Luna became scared and withdrawn. Then foster mom Terry Siess placed one of her fosters and space became available for Luna.

Luna spent 4 months with Terry. Recovering from her heartworm treatment, and finding the joy in life again. She has been playing with 5 other friends on 5 acres, and has been such a joy to be with. A true Malinois by heart. She travels well, loves to be hugged and kissed. Has a herding drive. She is an absolute eye catcher! Luna, now healthy and happy, became available for adoption after her treatment and after much discussion, a forever home was found for Luna, almost 1200 miles away.

The route sheets were prepared and the posting began for drivers to help Luna get to her new home. Luna spent 2 days on the road. It wasn’t easy leaving Terry and her home of 4 months, but the caring, wonderful drivers over those 2 days comforted her thru the stress of transport.

Our gratitude to drivers Robert and Eileen Burnett, Karen Alderson, Judith Weaver, Christopher Murphy, Bonnie Kisko, Kim Cooper Smith, Beckie Haughton, Amy Childre, Carol and Pud Mudd, Lauren St. Claire, Susan McQueeney, Dawn Schneider, Jennifer Royce, Derek Pattison and Emily Wolfe. Thank you also to Lauren for providing an overnight for Ms. Luna. Luna obviously enjoyed herself and the accommodations.
Congratulations to Luna and the Wolfe Family!

Update! 1 week after transport Luna is settling in nicely. We wish her happy, healthy, adventure-filled days ahead.
Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator