Saturday, February 2, 2013 – McCoy turned up in the Greenwood, SC shelter in late October 2012, a very frightened little guy. He was evaluated and brought into rescue. In early November he went to his foster home with Stven and Chrissy Muxo.

While with Steven and Chrissy, he learned about living in a house, getting along with other dogs and to be the trusted companion of small children. He proved himself to be just a great guy, quick to learn and very laid back in the midst of all the household activities. They reported that he was an easy, happy go lucky fellow almost from day one. He just wanted to be with people.

Grady was looking for a best friend, a buddy to go with him to work at the vet clinic at Fort Benning, and had fallen in love with Malinois working with the military working dogs at the clinic. He wasn’t looking for a working dog, just a great fellow to train and be with. McCoy’s easy going nature and desire to please made them the perfect match. And so transport was arranged to move McCoy to meet Grady half-way home.

We want to thank all of McCoy’s Angels who helped him on his Journey… Jackie Brown, Janet McSwain, Steve and Chrissy Muxo, Russ Raniszewski, Ruthanne Wilson and Alena Buckmaster.

And congratulations to McCoy and the Horner family…. we wish you many wonderful adventures to share. Dreams really do come true….

Lin Karrels
ABMC Rescue Transport Coordinator