Saturday, August 10, 2013Monty is a 17 month old male pulled from a shelter in northern Wisconsin by the O’Malley family and held for transport down to the Bigelow family in northern Illinois for fostering. Monty is a tall skinny boy with a good personality, a little timid around strangers but a very calm soul. He has found an adoptive home with long-time volunteers for ABMR in Pennsylvania.

Thank you to foster homes Mary and Mike O’Malley and Bonnie and Craig Bigelow, to drivers Bonnie and Craig Bigelow, Etsuko Dlouhy, Paul Jayko, Vikkie Lewis, Kirstie Humes, overnight hosts and drivers Jodi Rummel and Mike Greiser, “Sandy” Stevens and driver/adoptive dad Doug Gitt.

It was an excellent run and Monty did very well on transport. He has a wonderful home now and nothing but bright skies, a full food bowl, dog buds to play with, a mom and dad who adore him and lots of great adventures ahead of him.

Thank you to everyone who participated in rescuing Monty – thanks to your efforts, he is exactly where he should be. Doug and Anne – congratulations!
Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator