Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Sarge is a big guy, 8 to 9 years old and is HW+. He has been with foster mom Becca Shouse in NC and is now headed to his new foster home in Maryland with Theresa Matarazzo, where he will begin HW treatment.

We had originally planned to go a week earlier on standard transport, which had filled with offers from Laura McAteer, Carrie Terbush, Tami Hassett and Jessica Rambo, but due to possible high flight risk, foster mom Becca decided to drive north and meet foster mom Theresa who then received Sarge and returned home.

Sarge made the trip well and is now home with Theresa and his new bestest buddy – Bounce! He has probably already begun treatment. Watch the website for more information on this handsome guy once he completes his treatment and is ready for adoption.

Thank you to all the drivers who volunteered and to Theresa and Becca for fostering. We wish you best of health Sarge and a wonderful, bright future.

Lin Karrels/ABMR Transport Coordinator