Tuesday, August 19, 2014 – not typical that we would have a transport mid-week, or for that fact a straight thru, practically door-to-door ride, but it happened for Angie. A sweet older girl who was pulled from MDAS after being brought in as a stray. She was vetted and transferred to the Dog House to await transport up to her foster home with Coral Wages in Madison FL. Coral was eagerly awaiting her arrival, but we were not able to make it happen last weekend, so we began posting again.

saying goodbye to pompano beach

We received an offer from Shawna Abbatiello, a student at FSU, who was returning to school in Tallahassee. She could offer Angie a ride from the Dog House all the way to Madison, if Angie was able to ride in the front seat. Shawna was returning to school and had her car loaded down.

As you can see – Angie seemed to like riding shotgun and when Shawna stopped to meet her and determine if Angie was going to be able to handle the ride, Angie jumped right in and said “let’s go!”

riding shotgun 3

6 hours later and a few stops along the road for exercise and lunch, Shawna and Angie arrived to meet Coral in Madison. Our thanks to State Coordinator Janet McSwain, Foster Coordinator Julie Bear and ABMR Volunteer Cindy Richard for getting Angie out of MDAS and into the Dog House. A huge special thank you to Shawna for her generosity in making it work and getting Angie up to Madison in such fine style. Angie was even treated to lunch at Panera’s! Truly an example that we can all find a little space to help a dog, or cat or ….

finally home

Thank you to Coral for fostering Angie, I’m sure we will be seeing lots of posts on FB and this fine girl should be up for adoption, looking for the perfect home, soon.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator