Saturday, November 8, 2014 – So while plans were being made to transport Bijou from South Bend IN to Virginia, another pup, 6 month old Apollo, needed a ride toward his new adoptive home in Stevens Point WI. This sweet, fun, goofy little guy was at a kennel in the York PA area, if we could get him to Breezewood PA, the closest point that Bijou’s family would come to him on their trip to Youngstown to meet Bijou, well then we could get him all the way home!

apollo transport 2

apollo enjoying his ride 3

Thank you to so many drivers on this one – first to Carrie Maul and Tracy Acker who moved him from York to Breezewood, to the McCall’s who then transported him to Youngstown OH where they were meeting their new pup, Bijou. From there, Lisa Doan (Bijou’s foster mom) transported Apollo back to South Bend, where I picked him up Saturday night and headed back to northern Illinois. After an unplanned ride through downtown Chicago at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night due to construction, we arrived home and had a good romp in the yard before settling in for tomorrow’s journey.

ez and linda

ez at home

Up bright and early on Sunday, November 9, Apollo and I met Jenell Peterson, who transported him to meet Don and Norma Johnson in Madison, who took him all the way to Stevens Point to meet his new family.

Apollo’s name is now EZ and he is such a sweetheart. Everyone on transport enjoyed his company and he now spends his days enjoying life in northern Wisconsin – all the good things EZ – have a blast!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator