Friday, April 18, 2014 – Asha is a 4 year old spayed Malinois female who suffers from a sialocele, a hole in her neck where her saliva would puddle, and a heart condition. She is currently in the Louisiana area and headed to her foster home in Pennsylvania.

asha with kim on transport

Our first attempt at transport fails, but we have a quick offer of transport north and a new plan is quickly put in place. In the middle of major severe weather, all the way from Louisiana to Georgia, Asha leaves early Sunday morning, 4/13, headed north, rain and storms and lightening all around.

asha riding in back cropped

Needless to say this was not a good trip and Asha struggled with the weather, transport and stress. Thanks to the incredible tenacity of drivers Linda Cochran and Kim Newman, Asha makes it to the Atlanta area where she spends a week with Kim, but not before being forced off the road and into a hotel on Sunday evening by numerous tornadoes threatening the area.

asha taking nap on transport

Asha spent the week with Kim in the Atlanta area, making some vet visits and de-stressing and putting on a few pounds. Transport is arranged north, to her foster home, and transport today is much much better than a week ago. She is riding much more comfortably and while still has little episodes of barking, she made best friends with a huge knuckle bone and that pretty much kept her busy throughout her trip, except for those wonderful moments of cuddling in the back seat.

asha enjoying bone on transport

Standing ovation is due drivers Linda Cochran and Kim Newman who faced mother nature and still got Asha where she needed to be. Incredible job ladies!!!

asha and her new buds

And a huge round of applause for Friday drivers Kim Newman, Kim Futch, Roger and Eve Jordan, Gwen Mongeli with Janet and Denny Sheaffer, and Beth and Jerry Frear. Beth and Jerry will be fostering Asha (now Sasha) and taking her through medical evaluation. As you can see, she has already settled in with her new playmates. She is doing very well.

Jerry/Beth – we hope to see many updates on Sasha on FB! We hear she is such a love…. we wish her all the best and are so happy she is in your capable hands!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator