Saturday/Sunday – January 11 and 12, 2014 – Cooper is a 7 month old male who was pulled from the Miami Dade shelter and spent some time at the Dog House in Pompano Beach while we located a foster home and transport was arranged. Everybody who came into contact with this young boy remarked what a great temperament he has. Within 2 weeks a foster home was found and transport was arranged – a 2 day/17-leg MEGA-run… WOW! The legs filled quickly and Cooper was headed to NJ.

cooper in kingsland with angela 2

While posting for drivers, we were put in touch with a rescue who was trying to move a little doxie-mix, Katie, into rescue and a foster home. She needed a ride from Pompano Beach up to St. Augustine and all our drivers were more than happy to make room for her.

katie on transport

A HUGE thank you goes out to ABMR coordinators Janet McSwain and Kay Wright who were both instrumental in getting this boy into rescue and both drove legs of transport on Saturday; to Misty Pri who was able to get Katie to us so that we could take her north and to Georgia Manley who met transport in St. Augustine to retrieve Katie;

cooper in mechanicsvilleto drivers Beth and John Arcese, Judith Weaver, Rae Chamberlain, Bea Moyer, Angela Maddux, Suzanne Mooney, Suzie Allen (who also overnighted Cooper in Charleston and drove 3-1/2 hours Sunday morning to get him to Hope Mills), Maury Mills, Sonia Schmidt, Donna Sees, Linda Goetchius, Jessica Rambo, Jason and Bridgitte Bailey, and Sara Atlas (who is also Cooper’s new foster mom).

Saturday drivers Angela Maddux, Suzanne Mooney and Janet McSwain worked thru a huge storm with tornado warnings and an accident ahead of them on I-95. Everybody did just an amazing job of keeping on time, working thru weather and traffic, long legs and one happy boy, Cooper, who took it all in stride and I swear he actually enjoyed himself.

cooper at transfer bea

What an awesome team, what an awesome dog… you will all hear more about him in the future I am sure.

cooper meets sarah

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator