malory leaving santee on transport

Saturday, July 26, 2014 – This is the story of 2 amazing dogs, on 2 transports and their incredible drivers. Malory is a 1+ year old female Malinois who was in Kingsland GA with temp foster Angela Maddux, awaiting transport to her foster home with Mark and Barbara in New York. Mal (that is his name) was in the Boston area with foster mom Emily Faircloth and headed to his forever home in the Washington DC area.

malory and

Two Malinois, headed in different directions with their paths crossing in the DC area… seems there must be a way to make this work … and so it did.

Malory’s new foster dad out of NY had offered to meet Malory’s transport in the Washington DC area. A transport was put together to bring Mal from his foster home in Boston, to Mark in NY, who then drove Mal down to Washington DC area.

malory 4

Meanwhile, Malory departed her foster home in Georgia and headed north. Mal’s new dad, Jack, had offered to meet Malory as she was headed north into the Richmond area and return with her to Washington area, where he met up with Mark and they exchanged Malinois very late in the day and then both headed home.

malory 3

There are so many thank you’s that need to be put out for these two transports. We transported (one-way) a total of around 1500 miles.

malory and jack

Let me start with the coordinators Carol Aulick and Julie Bear who brought both Mal and Malory into rescue. Carol Aulick did an AWESOME job monitoring these runs, keeping everybody on track and updated so no one sat and waited. No easy job – the team from the north was driving Mal south over 500 miles – 9 hours time wise. The team from the south was driving Malory north 679 miles – 11-1/2 hours – all this plus meet sites, exercise times, traffic congestion, etc.

mark and jack mal malory

Thank you to Emily Faircloth for fostering Mal through to adoption – and to Angela Maddux for taking such wonderful care of Malory until transport could be arranged to her foster home. And to Mark Musser and Barbara Salvatoriello for fostering Malory. And to Jack, Mal’s new forever dad!!!

jack mal friend

Thank you to the incredible drivers who made this all happen – your handling and communication were excellent (not to mention the driving part :O). Thank you Emily Faircloth, Sue Moran, Jane Wheeler, Mark Musser, Jack Breslin, Angela Maddux, Cheryl Nelson, Kirby Stewart, Janet and Bill Fincannon, Russell Raniszewski, Mia Wakham, Sonia Schmidt and Donna Sees.

mal at home

You all pulled this incredible transport off beautifully. Of course, half the transport got ahead and half got behind, but you all stayed in touch and communicated through Carol – you are what makes rescue possible – and the happy pictures of Mal with his new dad, Jack, and Malory headed home with Mark – well, that just says it all people!!! AMAZING DOGS – AMAZING PEOPLE!!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator