Sunday, October 14, 2014 – Maude is a senior female Malinois, a wonderful, sweet girl who is with Charlotte Blake in TN and is headed to her foster home with Robin Barfoot in Michigan. We began posting for a standard transport but Ellen Pauly quickly contacted me and indicated she would be traveling north to Michigan and could meet Maude along the route and take her all the way to meet Robin.

resized maude intake picture

Plans were quickly worked out and on Sunday morning Maude left home with Charlotte to meet drivers Robin Campbell, Bonita Rodgers and then to meet Ellen in Knoxville. Maude rode all the way to Michigan with Ellen, overnighted with Ellen, and was then met on Monday by Foster Mom Robin Barfoot.

ellen bonita maude

Thank you to everyone involved in getting Maude into rescue, situated for transport and then on to Robin. It’s those small little miracles that happen every day that get these wonderful Mals where they need to be.

maude and robin b

Please be sure to let me know when you are traveling any distance and can take a pup with you – you just never know who may be needing a ride. THANK YOU Charlotte, Robin C, Bonita, Ellen and Robin B!!
Wishing Maude a comfy spot by a heat source – welcome to Michigan!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator