Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 25, 26 and 27 – Paul has been waiting patiently. He was pulled 3 months ago from Miami Dade and has been at the Dog House in Pompano Beach, waiting while we find him a foster home that can take him through HW treatment. Paul is only around 4 years old but he is HW+ and that has to be taken care of before we can find a forever home for him.

beckie paul and teia

Finally! Carol and Ed Frederick in the Cleveland OH area have offered to foster Paul and take him through treatment. Now we just need to get him there.

We start posting for a standard transport, and quickly are contacted by Sharon Webb out of the Atlanta GA area. She is headed to Huron OH – a mere 70 miles from his foster home. She can give Paul a ride from Atlanta to Huron if we can get him to her by Saturday evening.

paul and lauren castillo

We start posting for Pompano Beach to Alpharetta and receive another amazing offer – Terry Seiss is headed to the Ocala area on that Friday and can bring Paul north with her, overnight and transport can pick up Saturday morning.

With that we began searching for our drivers, Altoona FL to Alpharetta GA, on Saturday. It was touch and go for awhile and I had no idea if we were going to fill by Thursday, which we needed to do before Paul could leave with Terry on Friday – but everyone began to spread the word and contact everyone they knew along the route and a wonderful thing happened – we found all our drivers by Thursday!!!

lenny and mary kihn

Terry pulled Paul on Friday and traveled up to Altoona FL where he overnighted and mingled with the campers, being quite the social boy. On Saturday morning, bright and early, driver Kate Wells picked him up and headed to Ocala to meet transport.

While we were posting for drivers we became aware of a chihuahua who was headed from Tampa to St. Louis. He too had a ride out of Atlanta to St. Louis if he could get there by Saturday evening. So Mary Kihn drove Lenny to Ocala where he joined Paul and they headed north with drivers Judy Geroni, Lauren Castillo, Beckie Haughton, Teia Trepanier, David and Jenni Anderson and Rebecca Brockman. Lenny met his overnight foster, Phyllis Colmar, in Atlanta and then headed on to St. Louis on Sunday.

david jenni paul

Paul overnighted with Sharon Webb and departed for the north bright and early on Sunday morning. It was a long trip but Paul was met in Mansfield OH by Carol and Ed Frederick, his new foster family.

Thank you to all the drivers who made this trip possible for both Paul and Lenny. There was excellent teamwork and communication – care and concern for Paul and Lenny – and you ran right on time!!! Thank you all so very very much!

Paul was an absolute joy on this run and many described him as a “gentleman” and a “leaner”. I’m sure once he settles in the Malinois mischief will come out, but he was such a good boy on transport. Once Lenny relaxed at his overnight he did very well and we saw pictures of him enjoying a little freedom before he headed to St. Louis on Sunday with another long day of driving.

Sharon – what can we say about Sharon except she is always on the road and always takes a rescue with her if there is anyone in need of a ride. I know taking Paul put you behind schedule but I also know you would do it again for any rescue headed in the same direction you are.

paul and becky

***Next time you are planning a trip, please consider giving a rescue dog a ride. They really don’t take up that much space, are excellent company and you would be making a huge difference in that dog’s life. All you need to do is let me know your departure date and time and your destination. I keep a calendar of all offers just in case a dog is in need along your route. It’s a great feeling to make such a huge difference in the life of a Malinois!***

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Paul!! If anyone is looking for that perfect Malinois – you might want to watch for this one in the near future to show up on the website. I hear he is a pretty great dog!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator