Saturday, August 23, 2014 – RaRa is a 2 year old female Malinois who has been in foster care with Stephanie Simpson in Tennessee. Her forever home has been found in Minnesota. 1000 miles – can we do it! We are surely going to try!


We began posting for the transport on Monday and the legs filled slowly. By Friday, we still had 2 open legs left but drivers stretched out and make it happen for RaRa. It wasn’t an easy run, there was car trouble, construction, traffic and a nasty storm in the Indiana/Illinois area but the drivers steadily made their way north,


enthusiastically and with patience – they made it and amazingly almost on time! RaRa seemed to know she was headed home – she was such a good girl on transport.

Rara and jeff

A heartfelt thank you to Foster Mom Stephanie Simpson, to our incredible drivers Dianna Thompson, Bonita Rodgers, Michelle Ellis, Denise Williams (and her husband who came to Michelle’s aid when she had a car problem), Jani Kersey, Jeff and Dar Hauser, Darlene Finley, Karen Davis and to RaRa’s new family, the Magnuson’s, who drove down from Minnesota to meet her in northern Illinois.

RaRa with new Dad (2)

A special thanks to ABMR coordinator Janet McSwain who brought RaRa into rescue and who monitored this transport, keeping all the drivers updated and positive. What an amazing team! The pictures of RaRa’s arrival in Rockford to meet her new family – wow! THANK YOU!!!

RaRa with new Dad (3)

Thank you for volunteering, for stretching out and taking on additional mileage, for dealing with adverse conditions, for delivering RaRa at the end of each leg with a smile and wishing her a wonderful life. Congratulations RaRa, Eric and Colleen on finding each other.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator