Sunday, September 6 and 7, 2014 – Romeo is a sweet 6 year old male who loves water, tennis balls and attention, and not necessarily in that order. He is a beautiful boy who is headed from his foster home in Columbia MO with ABMR State Coordinator Taylor Updike, to the perfect forever home with David Taddei family, in Townsend VT. Another long transport – 2 days, an overnight and 13 incredible drivers!

romeo taylor blue ball wright city mo

romeo and maybe parm

Romeo and beth

romeo and maybe joe

romeo and carrie

romeo headed to ashland

romeo and debby

romeo and david

ABMR sends out a huge thank you to drivers Taylor Updike, Parmelee Fehnel, Beth Beck-Marts, Joe Kersey, Sue Young, Maryanne Vrabel, Carrie Morrow, Carol and Ed Frederick, Debby Meder, Adam D’Ambrosio, Lynn Brown, Ann Fiorello and David Taddei. Thank you to Carol and Ed for overnighting Romeo (he sure looked comfy) and for taking the last leg on Saturday and first on Sunday.

We wish Romeo and his new family many, many years of fun playing in the waters of Vermont, chasing tennis balls and just enjoying life as it should be for this very special Malinois. Amazing job drivers!!! You made it look so easy, and Romeo certainly seemed to be enjoying all that attention (and those out of shot tennis balls!!). What a wonderful gift you have given Romeo and his new family!!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator