Friday and Saturday, May 16-17, 2014 ā€“ Roxy and Nikki have been in boarding way too long in Texas, just north of Houston. Foster homes are waiting in Missouri but this is a difficult run to fill ā€“ so a rather unusual transport is put together to make this happen.


We have 3 drivers who really put themselves out there to make it happen for the girls this time. Aubrey Kotlarich picked Nikki and Roxy up on Friday morning and after a stop at the vet for updated vaccinations she headed north (260 miles), to meet up with Cindy Vranessa in Denton. Cindy then made a late night run up to Norman OK (170 miles) to meet ABMR State Coordinator Taylor Haywood, who then drove straight thru to arrive back to Missouri (450 miles) on Saturday morning. AMAZING to say the least!

Iā€™m sure Nikki and Roxy had no idea what efforts were being put forth to get them safely to their foster homes. They were good girls on the trip and I am sure we will see them posted on the website shortly.


I believe we all jumped up and down when we received that email from Taylor on Saturday morning saying they were home and the girls were settling in. Incredible job everyone… it took a heroic effort to move things forward for the girls, but now they have the chance they need to be evaluated and begin the search to find their forever homes.

Outstanding, just outstanding!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator