sweety and ellen 2

Saturday, August 30, 2014 – Today we are moving 2 beautiful girls from North Carolina to their foster homes in Maryland and Pennsylvania, but first let me tell you about Sweety. She is a 3 +/- year old female who was a stray pulled from MDAS (Miami-Dade) in Florida, transferred to the Dog House in Pompano Beach while a foster home was found and then we took a shot at making transport but failed to find all the drivers we needed the first time. We had a lot of open space and when we received an offer for a straight thru from FL to NC for the following weekend, we cancelled and waited.

sweety and stacy

sweety and linda

On Sunday, August 24, Sweety was picked up at the Dog House by Stacy Santarone who outfitted her with a beautiful new collar and leash (not to mention the goody bag!!) and they headed north to meet drivers Ellen Rich, Linda Bonjorno, and eventually Nancy Kurul who was visiting in Florida and would be returning to NC the next day, taking Sweety with her. It was an excellent and uneventful transport and Sweety impressed everyone along the way.

nancy and sweety

Nancy and Sweety made the trip north in good time and Sweety enjoyed a week of wonderful accommodations with Nancy and her crew while waiting for transport north to be put together for the following weekend.

leaving wilmington

There was also another female in Wilmington NC, a 2 year old female named Bliss, who needed a ride to Maryland to her foster home, so she was added to the run and plans were made. Transport from NC to MD went together very quickly with the exception of 2 legs from Smithfield NC to Henrico VA just south of Richmond.


We constantly struggle to find drivers in this area and although we continued to post to transport groups and groups on FB seeking drivers, by Friday we still had 2 open legs. But one more angel to the rescue and Bob Clardy offered to drive all the way down from VA (where he was on vacation) to Smithfield, pick up the girls and head back to Henrico, a round trip of over 500 miles, filling our 2 missing legs and completing the transport.

are we there yet

With Bob’s generous offer we were a go and the trip went off beautifully. The girls rode very well (yes, you can put 2 Malinois in a car) and again impressed all their drivers with their ability to get through what can be a very stressful day – 2 Malinois (unknown to each other until that morning), passed from vehicle to vehicle/driver to driver every hour).

I want to thank all the volunteers and drivers who made it possible for Sweety and Bliss to get to their foster homes – ABMR Coordinator Kay Wright, Cindy Richard, Stacy Santarone, Ellen Rich, Linda Bonjourno, Nancy Kurul, Sara Anderson (short-term foster for Bliss), Jennifer and David Jones, Bob Clardy, Claibourne Jackson, Martha Paschal, Theresa Matarazzo, and to drivers and fosters Sue Griefer and Doug Gitt, and to ABMR Coordinator Janet McSwain for monitoring. Also, our thanks to the Dog House in Pompano Beach and The Dog Club in Wilmington!!

Both girls are settling in nicely and should be up for adoption on the website soon. Wishing them both fantastic forever homes in the near future!

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator