Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21, 2014 – Tawny and Gidget are littermates who have been enjoying foster care with Terre Wing Halle in Florida since intake into Rescue. Now Tawny has a home waiting for her in PA and Gidget is headed north too, keeping her sister company and going to foster care.

tawny and gidget on transport

transport 1

FL to PA is a long trip and 2 days were needed on the road for this one. The girls had a bit of a shaky start, transport is confusing with all the transfers and driver changes, but both girls relaxed as Saturday wore on and by the time they reached their overnight they were doing well. They continued to do well on the trip on Sunday and arrived in PA in fine shape.

tawny transport 2

tawny 5

A great big heartfelt THANK YOU! to foster Terre Wing Halle who has worked so hard with these girls and now found Tawny the perfect home. To drivers Terre Wing Halle, Pam Campbell, Missy Owens, Laura DeVoie, Tim Conover, Ellen Paul (who also overnighted the girls), Sheila Cindric, Connie Perdue, Halie Rogers, Bobby Arellano, Lea Dwyer and to Adrienne and Paul Woll (Tawny’s adoptive family). And to Janet McSwain, transport monitor and state coordinator for both girls!

We had quite a few new drivers on this run and we could not have made it without each and every one of you. Your attention to detail, expert handling and kindness shown to the girls were invaluable and we hope to get the chance to work with everyone again.

We wish Tawny and her new family congratulations and best wishes for a bright future filled with all kinds of Mali-adventures… and Gidget, your turn for a forever home will come soon, for now you can enjoy your new foster home! Thank you to all those who touched these girls on their journey!

tawny transport 3
Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator