I want to draw attention to a very special group of people that volunteer in Florida to ID, evaluate, pull and transport Malinois from shelter situations such as MDAS (Miami-Dade Animal Shelter) and get them into short-term or boarding situations to stage for transport north. These volunteers have to make hard decisions every time they walk into a shelter, whether a dog is coming into rescue or whether we must leave them behind. All too often their work is not recognized by those outside of the main body of ABMR, they are the silent workers who do what needs to be done every day.

Hugs and immense gratitude to ABMR FL State Coordinators Kay Wright and Sara Flynn Kramer; and volunteers Cindy Richard, Terry Seiss, Carola Di Perna and Bob and Eileen Burnell. Almost every Malinois in and coming north out of Florida is touched by one of these angels at some point.

sweety bliss 2nd leg

These volunteers make up that first line in Florida, they look into the eyes of those lost and frightened Malinois, the sick and injured, and I am sure that every dog they see takes a piece of their hearts with them. I don’t know how you do it but please don’t ever stop….

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator