Friday, February 1, 2013 – Gena was discovered running in the streets south of Atlanta GA. She is a pretty young female but is unchipped and no one came forward to claim her. She was brought to our attention by a local volunteer and after her hold was up, she was evaluated and brought into rescue. A foster home in SC who had recently secured a wonderful forever placement for their foster was now open and willing to take her, so transport was arranged and Gena made the trip on Friday.

Heartfelt thanks to Dee Watts for bringing this girl to our attention and for being available to help with transport, to Coordinators Jennifer and Robert Black and Janet McSwain, to Barbara Mahoney who gave Gena a ride from Atlanta GA to Florence SC, to Robert Black and Steve Muxo for driving, and to Chrissy and Steve Muxo for fostering Gena. She is a beautiful girl and is settling in…. soon to be looking for her forever home.

Lin Karrels
ABMC Rescue Transport Coordinator