Saturday, April 2, 2016 – Leshka made the trip from Florida to her foster home in Gaffney SC with Ellen Pauly today. Leshka had an awesome group of drivers who beautifully handled I-95 during a Saturday on Spring Break. Leshka was an excellent rider and happy to see each and every driver on her run.
A huge thanks to drivers Sean Conover, Flavia Downs, Paula Hayes, Cheryl Nelson, Becky Baker and Debbie, Brigitta Cochran Treanor, Annie Manchester and CJ, Annette Boette and Helen, and to driver and foster Ellen Pauly.

lesha transport 2

leshka transport 1

leshka transport 3

Leshka is an excellent girl and will be up for adoption shortly.

Lin Karrels
ABMR Transport Coordinator